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Assisted Suicide
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Assisted Suicide

Help Peers Hear Vital Arguments Against Assisted Suicide

On 26 May, Baroness Meacher introduced her Assisted Dying Bill in the House of Lords. The Bill aims to change the law in England and Wales to allow terminally ill patients, with months left to live, the option of an assisted killing. It's the latest attempt by the pro-assisted suicide lobby to change the law, after numerous Bills in the past were voted down or failed to pass.

At CARE, we remain committed to the view that assisted suicide should be rejected and more investment given to quality end of life care. Find out more about why we're opposed to this Bill.

Please contact Members of the House of Lords and ask them to speak and vote against the Meacher Bill when it has its Second Reading on 22 October.

Points to make:

Below you'll find some suggested points to make. Please use your own words as this will carry far more weight.

  • Please ask the Peer to speak and vote against Baroness Meacher's Assisted Dying Bill when it comes for a Second Reading.
  • Point out that there are serious public safety concerns about the proposed legislation, with no proof the so called ‘safeguards’ in the Bill will even work.
  • Say you’re aware that within three years of Canada permitting assisted suicide in 2016, one of its key safeguards – that assisted suicide should only be permitted for those who are terminally ill and with six months or less to live - was removed and assisted suicide was opened to include people who are not terminally ill.
  • Point out that any so called ‘right to die’ is likely to become a duty for many people who realise that their care is expensive and who feel they are a burden.

Write to your elected representative

Please email Peers and let them know some of the key arguments against assisted suicide. Put your postcode in the box and you'll be redirected to 'Write to Them' where you'll be able to find contact details for Peers.

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We've produced a short, digital leaflet on the Meacher Bill. It's ideal for sending to friends, family members, church leaders to help raise awareness and inform them about what's happening. Use the button below to download the briefing and pass on to others.

download the briefing
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Prof John Wyatt: what's wrong with the Assisted Dying Bill

Christian ethicist, theologian and doctor, Professor John Wyatt has written a long-read, which helps you understand what's wrong with the Assisted Dying Bill.

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Three heart warming stories about end of life care

There are stories out there about care and love at the end of life. We've been privileged to hear some of those stories and we wanted to share just three of them. So click the button below to hear from John, Jane and Andrew.

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