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CARE Sessions: Catch Up

Missed a session? Catch up on all thats happened below!

Whether you were unable to join us live for CARE Sessions over the Summer or simply want to watch again you can do so here.

CARE Sessions has been designed to help you dig deeper and understand more about some of CARE's causes, with many of us often wondering how we can bring about lasting change in Parliaments and Assemblies across the UK, join us as we unpack the topics and discuss opportunities for us as Christians to stand up for vital causes within our nation.

Session One: We look at why its vital for Christians to engage in politics.
Session Two: The Importance of Compassionate Campaigning on Abortion.
Session Three: What is Human trafficking and how do we stand against it?
Session Four: The Importance of Free Speech.
Session Five: Parliament Returns
Session Six: Compassionate Campaigning on Abortion - Part 2
Session Seven: Time For Change
Session Eight: Protecting and Supporting Young People Online
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CAREcast: a new podcast telling a better story

We’ll be taking a look at the current issues at the heart of CARE, with exclusive interviews, expert panel debates, and more! Be prepared to be inspired, challenged, and engaged with the work of CARE.

Our podcast team will hear from those working at the heart of our causes, and we'll explore how you can support the work of CARE going forward.