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Human Trafficking
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Human Trafficking

Help us Support Victims of Modern Slavery

Ask your MP to support Lord McColl's Modern Slavery (Victim Support) Bill to guarantee victims of modern slavery in England and Wales at least 12 months support.

There are thought to be 10,000 – 13,000 victims of modern slavery in the UK. A 2018 estimate by the Walk Free Foundation suggests there may be ten times that number: 136,000 people in modern slavery in the UK.

When someone escapes from slavery, they need somewhere safe to say, medical treatment, mental health support, legal advice, education and support to rebuild their life.

Unlike victims of modern slavery in Northern Ireland and Scotland, the law in England and Wales does not currently give victims a right to support. This has left many victims of modern slavery homeless, destitute and at risk of being re-trafficked.

CARE has joined leading anti-trafficking charities and businesses to form the Free for Good campaign, which backs the Modern Slavery (Victim Support) Bill. This Bill will give all victims at least 12 months of support in law.

Find out more about the campaign on Free for Good

Why 12 months of support?

  • Organisations that support victims have said that 12 months of support and permission to be in the UK is the minimum length of time victims need to give them a stable foundation for recovery.
  • It can take significant time for victims to feel safe enough to begin to process their traumatic experiences through counselling or to engage with police investigations.
  • For victims who have lower mental or physical health needs, they need time to gain skills, experience and confidence that will enable them to live a full and integrated life in society, whether in the UK or in their home country.
  • If victims do not have the opportunity to rebuild their lives, they are left at risk of being re-trafficked.
“The current situation leaves survivors with little realistic opportunity to rebuild their lives, with some ending up destitute, vulnerable to further harm or even being re- exploited.”
Human Trafficking Foundation 2015

Please join us in help­ing vic­tims on the road to recov­ery and con­sid­er­ing con­tact­ing your rep­res­ent­at­ive in Parliament.


Points to make

Please use your own words wherever possible.

  • Welcome Parliament's continued commitment to tackle modern slavery
  • Highlight that victims of modern slavery who have been rescued need safe housing, medical treatment, mental health support, legal advice, training, education and emotional support to rebuild their lives.
  • Ask your representative to support Lord McColl's Victim Support Bill, sponsored by Sir Ian Duncan Smith MP in the House of Commons, which guarantees victims at least 12 months of support.
  • Ask your representative to put pressure on the Government to ensure that victims get the security of a minimum of 12 months, and explain why a minimum of 12 months is needed for victims to recover, using the points above.

Write to your elected representative

Will you stand with us and help get support for victims of trafficking?

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