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A New Book From CARE

Fifty years ago, on 25 September 1971, tens of thousands of Christians came together for what became known as the ‘Nationwide Festival of Light’, NfoL, in London’s Trafalgar Square. It was the largest open-air gathering of Christians in British history, a rallying call to uphold God’s truth in the face of rising secularisation.

Celia Bowring was there! And now, in consultation with a host of contributors, she has penned her experiences in CARE's latest book ‘Turning the Tide?’, tracing the extraordinary story of the Festival, and how that day led to an incredible legacy of Christians caring for our culture. Throughout these pages, we hear countless stories of God's amazing hand at work. You'll discover the hunger for people ready to make a stand, which ultimately led to the creation of CARE, and how CARE's work has evolved over the years.

A book not to be missed this Christmas! Here's what Dr RT Kendall said about the book:

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