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CARE Prayer Diary

man with coffee reading large prayer diary‘This is the first time I have seen – and used the Care Prayer Diary you produce in my own prayers and I am deeply impressed by the care you lavish on it, the imagination and the breadth. We all owe you a great debt of gratitude.’  Canon Michael Green, August 2014

'With our appreciation for the prayer booklet – we use it every day and it broadens our world and praying. Thank you.' 

'Thank you for sending the excellent Prayer Diaries - so well set out and investigated. They give a real understanding of the issues to be prayed for in the light of God’s word.' 

'The prayer diary really helps us to look beyond ourselves. Sometimes it is overwhelming the amount of things that need prayer, I don’t know how to pray for world events, but when they are put in the context of real people each day, it makes all the difference. I find the statistics very helpful.' 

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'We really appreciate all the excellent work you do.  We particularly like Lyndon’s letters, they are quite outstanding – full of grace, truth and wisdom.'

'We both value highly the ministry of CARE …… your regular newsletters and emails are informative and challenging. A great encouragement to prayer and action.'