Political Action

houses of parliament westminsterContact Your MP

Each member of the UK has an elected Westminster MP, and Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales also have their own Parliament and Assembly Members. There are several ways for you and your church to make contact and offer encouragement: commit to praying for your MP, write and let them know, and ask if they have specific requests, attend their surgery, invite them to your church for a service or to other activities during the week

The following websites will help you to find out who your representative is and how to contact them: 




Join a Political Party

happy group of people looking on together

As a party member, you can vote on some party issues, join committees, participate in the formation of policy and share in the selection of candidates for election at local and national level.

Ultimately you could be selected to contest an election!

For more information, visit:



Local Government

Local councils have jurisdiction over education, social services, licensing and planning. Councillors are highly influential representatives in our communities.

  • How well do you know your local councillors?
  • Is your local council aware of activities your church offers to the local community?
  • Have you ever considered becoming a local councillor?

To explore this further, visit: www.beacouncillor.org.uk