The Robots are Coming: Us, Them and God

The Robots are Coming: Us, Them and God

Author: Nigel Cameron
£ 9.99

Nigel Cameron takes us on an enthralling journey from the beginnings of robots to a new and possibly uncertain future. The subject matter will be new to many! He poses pertinent questions that cannot be ignored.

'Written by one of today's leading Christian thinkers on the impact of technology on society. Nigel Cameron's aim is to encourage us all to engage better with these issues. So this book is an ideal introduction for everyone who cares about our future and wants to know how we, humans, can shape a robot dominated world.' - Philippa Taylor, Head of Public Policy, Christian Medical Fellowship

'Robotic devices are becoming smarter every day. How might robots affect the jobs we all do? What powers should they have? How human will they feel? This highly readable book poses big ethical questions and offers some answers from a Christian point of view.' - Dr Patrick Dixon, Futurist, Chairman of Global Change 

ISBN 978-0-905195-23-0

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