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Ten Ways to Pray

CARE’s Ten Ways to Pray Series

A recent initiative is our Ten Ways to Pray series. We launched this last year and owing to it's success, we've expanded it to include new topics. Of particular note, you'll find the Ten Ways to Pray about the Coronavirus. This was written to help Christians respond to the global pandemic which has swept over the world.

These resources are perfect if you want to pray on a specific issue. We'll be publishing more of these in the coming months so we'll make sure to keep this page updated.

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Ten Ways to Pray for Children and the Internet

The internet can bring many wonderful opportunities as well as raise daunting challenges - especially for children and young people. Let's commit this area to prayer.

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Ten Ways to Pray About the Coronavirus

The Coronavirus global pandemic has dominated our world and our society like nothing before it. Click through for a practical resource on how to pray for such a time as this.

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Ten Ways to Pray about Freedom of Speech

Freedom of expression and speech matters! But in the UK recently, it has been under considerable threat. Here are ten ways we can pray about free speech.

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Ten Ways to Pray for Life

The issue of abortion is one of the most sensitive of our day. We need to pray for God's mercy, grace and help and for hearts and minds to change. This resource will help you pray about the issue of abortion.

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A close of a globe with Europe and parts of Northern Africa in focus

Ten Ways to Pray for Europe

CARE has been a part of the response to a fresh plea from Christians across mainland Europe 'to come over and help'. Will you join us by praying for our Christian brothers and sisters in Europe?

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The hand of a young nurse holding the hand of elderly person in hospital bed

Ten Ways to Pray for End of Life

At CARE, we believe it's better to care, not to kill. This resource will equip you to pray for people approaching the end of their lives and for medical professionals who care for them, to pray against euthanasia and for hospices and quality palliative care.

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Group of children wearing school uniform and rucksacks running towards school doors

Ten Ways to Pray for Schools

We are standing alongside Pray for Schools who have made it their mission to see every school being prayed for. Join with us and use this helpful ten ways to pray guide.

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1 Timothy 2:1
Pray for all who are in author­ity so that we can live peace­ful and quiet lives in all god­li­ness and holiness.
1 Timothy 2:1 NIV