Prayer Points

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Lord God, we pray earnestly that attempts to legalise assisted suicide in any of the UK Parliaments and Assemblies will fail. Please grant unity, wisdom and effective opportunities to those opposing this. Amen.

Pray that many politicians and their advisers in Westminster and in the Scottish Parliament will recognise that legalising any form of euthanasia would have damaging consequences. Pray for senior members of the Government to stand up and oppose any change in the law.

Father, we pray for situations where very sick people are asking for help to commit suicide. In the place of fear, despair and pain please pour out your love, hope and healing for body, mind, soul and spirit. For Jesus’ sake. Amen.

Thank God that the British Medical Association, the Royal Colleges of Physicians, GPs, Anesthetists, Surgeons of Edinburgh, Nursing and the British Geriatric Society all remain strongly opposed to euthanasia. Pray that their position will not change and be heeded by politicians and other decision-makers.

Pray for palliative care specialists, that assessing each individual case they will have wisdom to know how to provide the best clinical treatment, emotional and psychological support, practical assistance and spiritual help to people who are dying.

Father of all compassion, please lift the spirits of those who are suffering today, from physical weakness, pain, depression and tiredness. May they have the desire and humility to search for Your truth, love and light in the midst of the darkness. Amen.

Intercede for the many Christians and others who are opposed to assisted suicide and euthanasia in Belgium, where the law now includes terminally ill children. Ask God to give them wisdom and courage in their resolve to see this law repealed.

Thanksgiving for the thousands of national and local charities dedicated to alleviating the effects of life-limiting illnesses and providing research, information, advice and practical support to those affected.

These prayer points are taken from the CARE Prayer Diary. If you would like to receive the prayer diary regularly, click here.