Advice for a Church Leader

The Internet is an exciting new technology full of potential for good and overflowing with information that educates and informs. But like most things, it can have a negative influence too. Church leaders need to part of the solution to these influences by giving practical positive advice to encourage wise and righteous decisions and to prevent our families from being exploited by pornography. 

It is, therefore, highly likely that in every church there will be someone struggling with temptation and others who may be facing much more serious problems. 


Practical steps 

If a person comes to you with a problem you may be able to help them quite easily - sometimes just confessing what has been a ‘secret sin’ breaks its power. Just remember that you will need to explore whether you are really being given an accurate picture of their pornography use.

As church leader, you can be a point of accountability as they seek to break the habit. You could also consider setting up a support group for this person and others in the church.  

In very extreme cases [or certainly if children are involved] the police may have to be involved. We hope and pray that the compassion of Jesus will be shown by all church leaders towards the strugglers, and support for their families.


Supposing the church leader has a problem?

CARE's survey of church leaders showed us what we had long suspected: leaders are under the same pressures of sexual temptation as everyone else. In fact the often pressurised life of a church leader, often confidential counselling, combined with time away from the family and solitary periods during the day makes pastors and ministers especially vulnerable to the lure of pornography. We suggest you talk to a fellow church leader or ministry supervisor.