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Dr Gordon Macdonald: Legislate to beat the human traffickers

27th Jul 2017
Rachael Adams

Human trafficking is an abhorrent crime; it involves stripping away the human rights, dignity and freedom of a person and subjugates them to complete control by a person or gang.

Prayer Underpins All We Do at CARE

22nd Jun 2017
Rachael Adams

We believe prayer to be crucially important and so make it a priority to always produce informative and inspiring resources for Christians to use in their personal and public prayer times.  We believe that God is willing to listen to our intercession

CARE for Scotland welcomes the Scottish Government’s revision of the Named Person scheme

21st Jun 2017
Rachael Adams

CARE for Scotland has given a cautious welcome to the Scottish Government’s revised Named Person scheme.

New Scottish initiative puts significant pressure on Government to increase support for trafficking victims

20th Jun 2017
Rachael Adams

Scotland’s doubling of support for victims of trafficking puts significant pressure on Westminster to increase the support it currently gives to trafficking victims in England and Wales.

Sturgeon’s Views on Abortion at Odds with Public and Legal Opinion

19th Jun 2017
Rachael Adams

The Scottish Government is considering offering free abortions to women in Northern Ireland, which would significantly undermine Northern Ireland’s current laws on abortion.

Woman looking into distance

Scotland doubles support for victims of trafficking

16th Jun 2017
Louise Gleich

Michael Matheson, Scotland's Justice Secretary, announced this week that the Scottish Government will be increasing the minimum period of support for adult victims of trafficking from 45 days to 90 days.  

Don't Let Election Result Divide Us

9th Jun 2017
Rachael Adams

CARE calls for unity between Christians as General Election results are announced. The polls may be closed, but the need to pray and engage is just as important now as it was before the election.

Show Up Today with Faith for Tomorrow

8th Jun 2017
Rachael Adams

It’s General Election Day – as we head out to the polls today we can thank God that across the UK millions of citizens will have the privilege of participating in our democracy and exercising their right to vote.

CARE: it's crucial to engage in the election and to get out and vote on June 8th

6th Jun 2017
Rachael Adams

CARE's UK Director Gareth Davies was interviewed by TWR in the lead up to polling day on why it's crucial for people to engage in the General Election and to get our and vote on June 8th. You can listen to the interview in full below.    

Churches Playing a Vital Role in Snap Election

31st May 2017
Rachael Adams

Despite only having a mere few weeks to organise hustings, CARE’s dedicated election website has over 70 registered hustings events listed so far, and more being added by the day.