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Nigel Cameron: God & my mobile book front cover

God & My Mobile: Keeping the faith in a digital world

11th Dec 2018
Rachael Adams

We live in an age of massive technological developments and it can be hard to think through a Christian response to these realities. From smartphones to iPads and tablets, technology now dominates our lives as never before.

Robotics conference talks now available

3rd Aug 2018
Rachael Adams

We are excited to announce that all the talks from our major sold-out conference on robotics are now available for you to watch online.

Premier Radio

Robotics & AI: time for the Church to take the lead

12th Jul 2018
Rachael Adams

Premier Radio's Marcus Jones came to CARE's major conference on robotics to find out why the church should be taking the lead on robotics and artificial intelligence.

Pepper the Robot

CARE hosts major robotics conference

6th Jul 2018
Rachael Adams

A major conference took place in central London last week, exploring the challenges and opportunities presented by the growth of artificial intelligence (AI) and robots.