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August 22nd: take a stand for victims of religious violence

22nd Aug 2019
Naomi Marsden

August 22 is the UN International Day Commemorating the Victims of Acts of Violence Based on Religion or Belief. Attacks on places of worship are not just occurring internationally, but also much closer to home. 

map of Northern Ireland with a broken cross

Revealed: more than 400 attacks on NI places of worship in last 3 years

21st Aug 2019
James Mildred

Places of worship across Northern Ireland have been subject to nearly 450 recorded attacks over the last three years, prompting calls for immediate action to protect churches and other religious buildings.

main building at Aberdeen University

Pro-life group launches legal action against Aberdeen University

16th Apr 2019
James Mildred

A pro-life student group has launched legal action against the University of Aberdeen and its student association because of alleged ‘unlawful discrimination’.

BLOG: Christianity and Human Rights

10th Dec 2018
Gordon Macdonald

Seventy years ago, the United Nations formally adopted the Universal Declaration on Human Rights (UDHR) on 10 December 1948 in Paris. Under the remarkable leadership of Elanor Roosevelt, the outcome was a document which has stood the test of time.


International Freedom of Religion or Belief Day 2018

26th Oct 2018
Rachael Adams

MPs highlighted the fundamental importance of religious freedom during a Westminster Hall debate on Thursday October 25.

New publication aims to help employers better understand Christian beliefs

14th Sep 2018
James Mildred

A brand new resource has been published by a group of leading Christian organisations which aims to better equip employers to understand Christian beliefs.

Government must protect freedom of religion

19th Jul 2018
James Mildred

The UK Government should consider introducing a legal test to ensure claims of conscience and faith are reasonably accommodated, according to a new report released today.

Brexit Gives Scottish Parliament Opportunity to Revisit Neglected Human Rights

26th Apr 2018
Rachael Adams

A Christian Public Affairs charity has called for greater recognition of the right to freedom of religion and belief in evidence to the Scottish Parliament’s Equalities and Human Rights Committee.

Gordon Macdonald: Aggressive Secularism Threatens Christians’ Freedom to Mention Faith Out Loud

22nd Dec 2017
Rachael Adams

As Christmas approaches, Gordon Macdonald - CARE for Scotland's Parliamentary Officer uses his regular column in the Friends of the Scotsman to not only spread the joy of Christmas but also to raise awareness of Christian persecution and religious fr


CARE for Scotland Speaks Up as SNP Ignore Christmas in Favour of 'Winter Festivals'

18th Dec 2017
Rachael Adams

CARE for Scotland's Parliamentary Officer spoke to the Daily Express about recent information that has come to light that the Scottish Government has spent millions of pounds promoting Scotland's 'winter festivals' whilst ignoring one of the big