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Out of School Educational Settings Consultation Received 18,000 submissions

13th Jan 2017
Louise Gleich

Between late November 2015 and early January 2016 the Government held a consultation on proposals to subject any English ‘out of school educational setting’ providing educational services accessed by any child for 6 hours or more a week to Ofsted ins

Police Officer

Terrorism expert expresses concern about Counter Extremism Bill

6th Jan 2017
Louise Gleich

David Anderson QC, the Independent Reviewer of Terrorism Legislation, has expressed concerns about the Government’s proposed Counter Extremism Bill and its impact on freedom of speech.

Major New CARE – Respublica UK Religious Liberty Report Launched in Parliament

2nd Dec 2016
Rachael Adams

Wednesday (30 November) saw the launch of a major new report on religious liberty in the UK that CARE has developed with the Think Tank Respublica in Parliament.

Nola Leach speaks out about Religious Freedom

1st Dec 2016
Rachael Adams

CARE's Chief Executive Nola Leach spoke out in the press this week about religious freedom and reasonable accommodation. Nola highlighted a report CARE has worked on with ResPublica on this issue called Beyond Belief.

Christian Charities write open letter asking Welsh Government to reject Out-Of-School Educational Settings Proposals

6th Jun 2016
Essie Mac Eyeson

Christian charities – CARE, Christian Concern, Evangelical Alliance, Evangelical Movement of Wales, Lawyers Christian Fellowship and The Christian Institute have written a joint statement urging the Welsh Government to rethink their out- of-school ed

Police Chief warns Govt: extremism plans could create ‘thought police’

25th May 2016
James Mildred

The Government’s plans to counter extremism are seriously flawed and could create a ‘thought police’ in the UK, according to a prominent police chief.

New Bill on Extremism to be in Queen’s Speech

4th May 2016
James Mildred

The Prime Minister is to put tackling extremism at the heart of the next Queen’s Speech, according to The Times.

Joint statement: charities call on Govt to drop plans to inspect church youth work

18th Apr 2016
James Mildred

Christian charities CARE, Christian Concern, Evangelical Alliance, Lawyers’ Christian Fellowship and The Christian Institute have today issued a joint statement and call to action over Government proposals to register and inspect church youth work.

MPs criticise plans to inspect church activities

21st Jan 2016
James Mildred

MPs yesterday strongly criticised the government's plans to inspect non-school education settings. During a lively Westminster Hall debate, MPs labelled the plans 'unworkable' ', 'illegal', 'unlawful' and 'hopelessly broad'.

Plans to send Ofsted into church life more Big Brother than Big Society

20th Jan 2016
James Mildred

The government’s controversial plans to send Ofsted Inspectors into the heart of church life have been severely criticised today.