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And the Valentine’s Day card goes to…

2nd Feb 2011
Public Affairs

Show 27 million people you care by sending two Valentine’s cards this year: one to that special someone and one to… David Cameron?!

Cold Turkey

1st Feb 2011
Public Affairs

Valentine’s day.  For many, this is a day to shower their beloved with kisses, presents and flowers.  For me, 14th  February acts as a wonderful excuse to focus my energy on my first love, Chocolate.   Well… it’s everywhere a

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Is Euthanasia a Religious Issue?

7th Dec 2010
Public Affairs

Margo MacDonald suggests that MSPs who voted against her End of Life Assistance (Scotland) Bill were unduly influenced by the churches and religious people.

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Press coverage at Pornography Conference

22nd Nov 2010
Public Affairs

Urgent and radical action is needed to help families and individuals menaced by the perils of pornography.

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Scottish Parliamentary Committee Rejects Euthanasia and Assisted Suicide Bill

18th Nov 2010
Public Affairs

The Scottish Parliamentary Committee looking at the End of Life Assistance (Scotland) Bill today overwhelming rejected the legalisation of euthanasia and assisted suicide in Scotland.  The End of Life Assistance (Scotland) Bill Committ

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The Big Society and the Church

17th Nov 2010
Public Affairs

This weekend CARE is involved in an important and timely conference, The Big Society and the Church, which is being held in Swansea on Saturday 20th November.

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Abortion: Informed Consent Debate

3rd Nov 2010
Public Affairs

Abortion: Informed Consent Debate

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CARE backs Yvette Cooper’s call to action on trafficking

22nd Oct 2010
Public Affairs

Shadow Foreign Secretary, Yvette Cooper, has called on the Government to opt- in to the proposed EU Directive on Trafficking. The UK is one of only two EU member states which have chosen not to opt-in.

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Human Trafficking Debates held in Westminster

15th Oct 2010
Public Affairs

Government put under pressure to opt into the EU Directive on Human Trafficking

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Conscientious Objection Rights Upheld

8th Oct 2010
Public Affairs

On Thursday October 7th, the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe voted to substantially revise a resolution that challenged the rights of people involved in the provision of health services to not be required to engage in actions that the