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UK policies some of the least family-friendly in the world

14th Jun 2019
Jonathan Williams

A report released by UNICEF yesterday has revealed that some of least family friendly policies in the OECD can sadly be found in the United Kingdom. UK a cold place for families

Domestic Abuse Bill report published

14th Jun 2019
James Mildred

The Joint Committee of the draft Domestic Abuse Bill has today published its official report on the legislation. Purpose of the Bill

pregnant mum and scan

Abortion rates for England and Wales: the key headlines

13th Jun 2019
Mark Baillie

This week the Department of Health and Social Care released the latest statistics on the number of abortions which took place in England and Wales in 2018. You can find the report published by the Department here and the full data tables here.

broken chains

Prime Minister unveils news measures to tackle modern slavery

11th Jun 2019
James Mildred

Theresa May has unveiled new measures to tackle the scourge of modern-day slavery.

baby holding hand of parent

UK’s most premature baby thriving as she celebrates 2nd birthday

11th Jun 2019
James Mildred

The most premature baby born in the UK to date at 23 weeks and four days is thriving as she celebrates her second birthday. Edie Madoc-Jones weighed just 1lb 4oz when she was born at University Hospital, Wales and was the size of her mother’s hand.

woman caring for elderly women

End-of-life care is a postcode lottery, say experts

10th Jun 2019
James Mildred

End-of-life care is a postcode lottery which means too many people are missing out on quality support at the end of their lives, experts will warn this week.

mother and baby

Woman who was told to have abortion 10 times then gave birth to a healthy baby girl

6th Jun 2019
James Mildred

A mum who was offered ten abortions by doctors has given birth to a healthy baby girl. Natalie Halson was repeatedly warned that her unborn baby would have a poor quality of life, after the 22-week scan showed the baby had spina bifida.

Scottish Parliament debating chamber

Sturgeon urged to make buying sex illegal

6th Jun 2019
James Mildred

Nicola Sturgeon has been urged by campaigners to bring in new legislation that would criminalise the purchase of sex in Scotland.

Modern slavery victims being sent back to homes they were abused in

4th Jun 2019
James Mildred

The Home Office has been accused of failing to provide safe housing for victims of modern slavery after they are released from immigration detention.

family at dinner table, holding hands to give grace

International research reveals positive role faith plays in marriage

30th May 2019
Jonathan Williams

Research from the Institute for Family Studies ‘World Family Map 2019' has revealed the positive role that faith plays in marriage.