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Mark Baillie speaks to Belfast Newsletter: ‘Others must follow NI lead on sex laws’

16th Feb 2017
Rachael Adams

Mark Baillie, CARE's Northern Ireland Policy Officer spoke to the Belfast Newsletter about how the Republic of Ireland has followed Northern Irelands' lead in passing a bill to make it illegal for people to pay for sex and how this will have a crucia

Scotland Could Become ‘Sex-Tourism’ Destination

15th Feb 2017
Rachael Adams

In a landmark decision, the Republic of Ireland has followed Northern Ireland’s example by passing a law that criminalises the purchase of sex.

NI Legislation Leads the Way in Fighting Human Trafficking

15th Feb 2017
Rachael Adams

ROI passes law criminalising purchase of sex, heavily influenced by NI laws last night In a landmark decision, the Republic of Ireland has followed Northern Ireland’s example by passing a law which criminalises the purchase of sex.

Nola Leach quoted in The Bristol Post

5th Oct 2016
Rachael Adams

CARE's Chief Executive Nola Leach responds to a new report which highlights that three-quarters of brothels in Bristol have links to organised crime.

Woman in front of lights

New report reveals extent of organised crime and exploitation in brothels

27th Sep 2016
Louise Gleich

According to a report from an independent think tank the Police Foundation, organised crime and exploitation is rife in the off-street sex market, but is not given high priority by local police forces.

person head in hands

Vulnerable People Exploited in Plain Sight

27th Sep 2016
Rachael Adams

A new study from the Police Foundation has warned that organised crime is far more involved in running Britain’s sex trade than previously thought – more than three-quarters of brothels were found to have links to dangerous criminal gangs and they op

Houses of Parliament

Survivors of prostitution tell their stories in Westminster

15th Jul 2016
Louise Gleich

This week Parliament played host to a number of survivors of prostitution from around the world at a special “Shifting the Burden” – Sex Trade Survivors Symposium.

Woman counselling another woman

Bill to improve support for people leaving prostitution proposed in Parliament

15th Jun 2016
Louise Gleich

Yesterday, (14 June) a new Bill was introduced in the House of Lords to increase access to support for those who wish to exit prostitution.

Woman looking out of a window

European Parliament urges greater action to prevent and combat human trafficking

12th May 2016
Louise Gleich

Members of the European Parliament today urged national governments and the European Commission to do more to support victims of human trafficking and to prevent future exploitation.

French MPs vote to ban paying for sex

6th Apr 2016
Louise Gleich

The French Parliament has today (6 April) voted to make it illegal in France to pay for sexual services.  The new law means that those who purchase sexual services will face a fine of 1500 Euros (or up to 3750 Euros for repeat offenders).