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BLOG: Prostitution as a Human Right?

10th Dec 2018
Stuart Weir

Today it should be a human right to not be in prostitution.

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MPs call for action on sex for rent scandal

29th Nov 2018
James Mildred

This week, MPs debated the worrying increase in sex for rent adverts after recent evidence of people offering free accommodation in return for sex.

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UN’s 16 Days of Activism to End Violence Against Women

23rd Nov 2018
James Mildred

By Stuart Weir, CARE for Scotland Director #HearMeToo

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Sex crimes double in Britain’s only red light district

19th Nov 2018
James Mildred

The number of sex crimes in Holbeck, where you find Britain’s only official red-light district have more than doubled since the experiment was introduced.

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Criminalising the purchase of sex will help end human trafficking

16th Nov 2018
Rachael Adams

A new report has found that criminalising the purchase of sex is the most effective way to end demand and effectively tackle human trafficking.

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First man in UK convicted for paying for sex loses appeal against conviction

11th Oct 2018
Public Affairs

Yesterday, James Maloney lost his appeal after challenging his conviction for a three month prison sentence. Mr Maloney is the first person in the UK to be jailed for trying to pay for sexual services.

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University criticised for allowing pro-prostitution stall at Freshers' Fair

2nd Oct 2018
Rachael Adams

The University of Brighton is launching an investigation after a pro-prostitution charity ran a stall during the University’s freshers' fair.

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The costs of exploitation

1st Aug 2018
Louise Gleich

The Home Office has this week released a report which tries to estimate the social and economic cost of crimes of modern slavery.

Leeds’ ‘red light district’ branded a failure

Leeds’ ‘red light district’ branded a failure

26th Jul 2018
Rachael Adams

Leeds’ ‘red light district’ has been branded a failure as it has increased violence against women, whilst men buying sex escape prosecution.

Jeremy Corbyn

Corbyn backs Nordic Model to tackle sexual exploitation

10th Jul 2018
Rachael Adams

Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn declared his full support for Britain to look at changing our prostitution laws by criminalising the purchase of sex, also referred to as the ‘Nordic model’.