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Joining the Fray

19th Aug 2019
Stuart Weir

Brexit. Are you pulling your hair out over: the outcome of the vote from three years ago? Over the fact that the Brexiteers didn’t have any plans in place once the shock vote went through?

picture of hands with title - God's Ikon

God's Ikon

5th Aug 2019
Stuart Weir

All this year I’ve slowly been making a case for the possibility that society could be good.


Faith and Politics? It's non-negotiable

31st May 2019
Stuart Weir

We are in a moment in time in the United Kingdom that demonstrates great tension. Many of us are almost bald with the amount of infuriated hair pulling we’ve done due to party politics and Brexit over the last year or two.

A good society picks up a shovel - Glasgow

BLOG: a good society picks up a shovel

4th Feb 2019
Rachael Adams

A Good Society needs makers, not armchair moaners, I said a fortnight ago. Not satisfied with the status quo, makers of any society pick up a shovel or put their shoulder to the wheel.

voyeurs or makers

BLOG: Moaning About or Making a Good Society?

21st Jan 2019
Rachael Adams

Everyone’s bodies jerk in tandem, ducking and swerving as the train transports hundreds of people at a time.

Westminster Houses of Parliament

CARE welcomes new Leadership Programme intake

13th Sep 2018
Rachael Adams

Through rigorous study and voluntary educational placements the CARE Leadership Programme gives young Christian graduates the opportunity to have a unique insight into Parliament , political advocacy and Christian leadership.

James Mildred and Nola Leach

CARE Appoints New Communications Manager

19th Jun 2018
Rachael Adams

CARE is excited to announce the appointment of James Mildred into a new role at CARE of Communications Manager.

Support Fairtrade to Help End Modern Slavery

1st Mar 2018
Rachael Adams

Buying Fairtrade is one of the simplest ways to make a difference in the fight against modern slavery. It is also something that everyone can play a part in, regardless of age, gender, religion or ethnicity.

CARE CEO Nola Leach CARE in Northern Ireland Director Tim Martin

New Director Appointed by CARE to Equip Church Leaders and Churches Across Northern Ireland

26th Feb 2018
Rachael Adams

CARE is excited to announce the appointment of Tim Martin as our new Director of CARE in Northern Ireland.

You Have a Voice to Change the Laws in This Nation - CARE CEO Nola Leach

7th Feb 2018
Rachael Adams

"We've got to preach the gospel - of course we have, but the other side of the coin is how we behave to those around us." - Nola Leach, CARE CEO Listen to CARE CEO Nola Leach chat to Premier's Maria Rodrigues on the importance of Christians getting i