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New test will see more babies with Down’s syndrome being aborted

6 August 2020

Campaigners have spoken out as the UK Government prepares to roll out a new Down’s syndrome test across England.

Marriage and Family
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Family and work life in a pandemic

6 August 2020

The last five months has brought about massive changes in work and family life for millions in the UK. Only a small minority of children have been at school, a large majority…

Religious Liberty
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Scots Hate Crime Bill Will Have Chilling Effect on Performing Arts

6 August 2020

The professional body, representing many of Scotland’s top lawyers has strongly criticised the Scottish government’s proposed new hate crime law.

CAREcast: a new podcast telling a better story
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WATCH: Free Speech Under Serious Threat In Scotland

5 August 2020

Thanks to a new hate crime bill before the Scottish Parliament, free speech is under serious threat in Scotland with campaign groups, academics, police officers and MSPs lining up to raise free…

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Two women die after Government approve DIY at-home abortions

4 August 2020

Two women have tragically died after taking abortion pills at home, after the UK Government introduced DIY at-home medical abortions during the coronavirus pandemic.

Prolife T

3 Reasons Why I’m a Pro-Life Woman

29 July 2020

Contrary to popular opinion, it’s possible to be a young woman who cares deeply about women’s equality, and yet also believe that abortion is morally unjust and fundamentally in opposition to this…

Religious Liberty
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Scottish Law Society hits out at new Hate Crime Laws

28 July 2020

New hate crime laws in Scotland have come under heavy criticism from The Scottish Law Society after the group warned the legislation was flawed.

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The Father Heart of God: Reflecting on abortion law in Northern Ireland

28 July 2020

“As a young woman, I felt deeply impacted by what happened on that day.”

Gambling Laws: It's Time For Change
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Ministers to ban under 18s from playing National Lottery games

27 July 2020

Under 18s will soon be banned from playing National Lottery games with Ministers set to introduce a new law to this end within months.

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