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Church of England Members speak out against abortion

28 November 2019

Today a letter has been published in The Times from members of the Church of England, speaking out against proposed changes to overhaul the current law on abortion in Great Britain.

Religious Liberty
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This Red Wednesday, let’s remember the importance of religious liberty

27 November 2019

If you walk the streets of London today, you may notice that notable landmarks are lit up in the colour red.

Commercial Sexual Exploitation
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Prostitution: the hidden injustice no-one is talking about

25 November 2019

This week political parties have released their manifestos, chock-a-block with shiny pledges designed to capture our attention and votes.

Religious Liberty
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Report shows rise in discrimination of Christians in Europe

20 November 2019

A report published this week reveals the discrimination Christians face across Europe, with evidence of religious intolerance and discriminatory practices increasing across the continent.

Assisted Suicide
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New assisted suicide court challenge rejected

19 November 2019

Today the High Court refused permission to allow a new challenge to the existing law on assisted suicide.

Human Trafficking
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Scottish Government consult on plans to introduce Independent Child Trafficking Guardians

19 November 2019

The Scottish Government recently launched a consultation regarding the appointment of Independent Child Trafficking Guardians (ICTGs) in Scotland.

Assisted Suicide
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Royal College of General Practitioners polls members on assisted suicide

18 November 2019

Following in the footsteps of the Royal College of Physicians (RCP), another medical college has polled its members on assisted suicide.

Human Trafficking
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Sharp rise in number of modern slavery victims referred to the NRM

18 November 2019

There has been a sharp increase in the number of victims referred to the National Referral Mechanism according to new statistics.

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Report finds BPAS abortion clinic continues to jeopardise women’s safety

13 November 2019

Following several years of concerning reports, one of the UK’s largest abortion clinics has once again failed to ensure services are provided safely, putting women at risk.

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