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Assisted Suicide
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Canada is a showcase for the slippery slope of assisted suicide

29 January 2020

Canada has yet again demonstrated how so-called 'safeguards' around assisted suicide laws are incrementally eroded.

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Sport’s Minister: Football too dependent on gambling

27 January 2020

The world’s most popular sport is too reliant on sponsorship from betting companies, Sports Minister Nigel Adams has said.

Assisted Suicide
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Campaigners’ call for assisted suicide law review is rejected

24 January 2020

Yesterday the Government rejected calls for an inquiry into the current law on assisted suicide, in a blow for Dignity in Dying, the campaign group lobbying for a dangerous change in the…

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Now launching our new website! Why it’s time for a new look

23 January 2020

At CARE, we believe we have a better story to tell. God has good news for our world and we want that news to ripple out in society, changing hearts and minds.…

Marriage and Family
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Welsh parents set to lose right to withdraw from RSE lessons

23 January 2020

Welsh Parents are set to lose the right to withdraw their children from Relationships and Sexuality Education (RSE) after the Welsh Government announced plans to make RSE compulsory for all school students…

Assisted Suicide
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Isle of Man Assisted Suicide Push Fails

23 January 2020

After a five-hour debate at the Tynwald on the Isle of Man, an attempt to change the law on assisted suicide has failed.

Online Safety
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New Bill aims to make sure age checks for pornography are implemented

22 January 2020

Yesterday in the House of Lords, Baroness Howe’s Digital Economy Act 2017 (Commencement of Part 3) Bill received its First Reading.

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Unborn babies CAN feel pain, say scientists, prompting calls for abortion time limit to be reviewed

20 January 2020

Unborn babies can feel pain, possibly as early as 13 weeks, according to an article in the influential Journal of Medical Ethics.

Assisted Suicide
Assisted Suicide and Euthanasia 28p129 2 1t

The Killing of Tine Nys

17 January 2020

Euthanasia isn’t a problem, they keep telling us. Don’t believe the scare stories. All we want to do is enable people who are terminally ill to end it all a bit sooner…

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