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Age-Verification Tool Will Help to Protect Children Online

1st Aug 2017
Rachael Adams

CARE's Senior Policy Officer, Chris Buttenshaw speaks to TWR's Eddie Bridle about how the digital age is affecting children and why putting explicit and graphic content behind an age-verification tool will help protect children online.

Government Moves Closer to Enforcing Pornography Age Checks

21st Jul 2017
Rachael Adams

In Spring next year part of the Digital Economy Act will be coming into force, requiring extreme pornography to put behind robust age-verification checks. CARE CEO Nola Leach speaks out about how this will help protect children online:

safer internet day

Nola Leach: Digital Economy Bill is the Best Bet for a Safer Internet

7th Feb 2017
Rachael Adams

Digital Economy Bill is the Best Bet for a Safer Internet by Nola Leach, CEO for CARE

Second Reading of the Digital Economy Bill

16th Dec 2016
Louise Gleich

On Tuesday the House of Lords gave the Digital Economy Bill its Second Reading.

Breakthrough in the fight to keep children safe online

1st Dec 2016
Rachael Adams

The Digital Economy Bill was ushered through to the House of Lords yesterday after the Bill received an unopposed third reading in Parliament, meaning that it’s much closer to becoming law.

Digital Economy Bill in Committee

21st Oct 2016
Essie Mac Eyeson

Committee stage of the Digital Economy Bill in the House of Commons began last Tuesday, 11 October, with line-by-line scrutiny of the Bill taking place on Tuesday and Thursday this week.

Pornography Highlighted as Reason Young Girls are Requesting Genital Plastic Surgery

7th Oct 2016
Rachael Adams

A ground-breaking Australian study has found that girls as young as 15 are asking their doctors for genital plastic surgery. 35 per cent of doctors have seen patients under 18 requesting female genital plastic surgery, also known as labiaplasty.

Government Ready to Take on the Gambling Industry

7th Oct 2016
Rachael Adams

The government has decided to widen its FOBT review to include gambling and betting advertisements.

Digital Economy Bill- Second Reading Today

13th Sep 2016
Essie Mac Eyeson

This afternoon, the Government’s long-awaited Digital Economy Bill received its Second Reading in the House of Commons.

Government fails to ensure enforceability of age-verification measures

5th Jul 2016
Essie Mac Eyeson

Today 5 July, the Government introduced its Digital Economy Bill into parliament – a key component of the Bill being the requirement for commercial pornographic websites to place age-verification mechanisms on their sites – a means of preventing chil