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Brexit Gives Scottish Parliament Opportunity to Revisit Neglected Human Rights

26th Apr 2018
Rachael Adams

A Christian Public Affairs charity has called for greater recognition of the right to freedom of religion and belief in evidence to the Scottish Parliament’s Equalities and Human Rights Committee.


Scottish Named Person Scheme Experiences Further Delay

1st Dec 2017
Anonymous (not verified)

CARE for Scotland has raised concerns about the Scottish Government’s Named Person scheme since it was first proposed in 2013.

Parents with child

Scottish Parliament Committee Completes its Evidence Taking on the Named Person Scheme

17th Nov 2017
Anonymous (not verified)

Last year the UK Supreme Court ruled in a case, in which CARE was a co-petitioner, that the information sharing sections of the Named Person legislation were unlawful.

Legal experts give the Scottish Government food for thought on Named Person scheme

22nd Sep 2017
Chris Buttenshaw

This week the Scottish Parliament’s Education & Skills Committee took further evidence on the Named Person scheme.  The Committee heard from the Law Society of Scotland and the Faculty of Advocates both of which highlight serious flaws in the Sco

Delay Named Person Scheme to Avoid Legal Action

5th Sep 2017
Rachael Adams

Scottish Government urged to delay Named Person Scheme, allowing them to make significant changes to proposals which would save them from another embarrassing climbdown or further legal action being taken against them

CARE for Scotland welcomes the Scottish Government’s revision of the Named Person scheme

21st Jun 2017
Rachael Adams

CARE for Scotland has given a cautious welcome to the Scottish Government’s revised Named Person scheme.

CARE speaks out on latest Named Person scheme update

8th Mar 2017
Rachael Adams

As John Swinney addressed parliament about plans to reintroduce the Named Person scheme, CARE spoke out about continued concerns about how the scheme will work in practise.

Scottish Parliament

Named Person Scheme must be Responsive to Parent's Needs

7th Mar 2017
Rachael Adams

Today, John Swinney addressed parliament about plans to reintroduce the Named Person Scheme after taking into consideration the Supreme Court’s ruling that the scheme was not compatible with the European Convention on Human Rights.

Gordon Macdonald interviewed on BBC 3 Counties Radio

29th Jul 2016
James Mildred

CARE for Scotland spokesman Dr Gordon Macdonald was interviewed by BBC 3 Counties Radio in response to the Supreme Court ruling that the Scottish Government's Named Person scheme is 'unlawful'.

Gordon Macdonald interviewed on Premier

29th Jul 2016
James Mildred

CARE for Scotland spokesman Dr Gordon Macdonald has been interviewed by Premier Christian Radio.