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The Bondage of the Beads

9th May 2011
Public Affairs

As a child, I distinctly remember receiving the gift of a new watch from my father. It was beautiful and shiny and I couldn’t wait to wear it.

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Challenge Direct 09/05/2011

9th May 2011
Public Affairs

Romance Academy is a revolutionary relationships project that tackles teen pregnancy and underage sex head on.

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Lessons for wise but constantly connected parents

6th May 2011
Public Affairs

It was not too long ago that I read a tweet by a friend of mine who commented that he was, once again, spending the evening watching something with his wife, while she was browsing her iPhone and he was on his iPad.

A child is using a laptop

Internet Service Providers urged by Minister to do more to protect children

6th May 2011
Public Affairs

A second round table discussion is to take place between Culture Minister Ed Vaizey, interested MPs and Peers and key Internet Service Providers (ISPs) later in May on the issue of protecting children and families online – specifically, by requiring

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5th May 2011
Public Affairs

Hello to the CARE community! My name is Lydia Bowden and I recently took over Rachel’s role as Prostitution and Human Trafficking Policy Officer.

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I am Slave: Slavery amongst Foreign Diplomats in Britain

14th Apr 2011
Public Affairs

As an American living in London, I recently read a startling statistic about my embassy in Britain: American diplomats have accrued over £2 million in fines for parking tickets and congestion charges and have yet to pay up.

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Google Family Safety Centre

13th Apr 2011
Public Affairs

The search engine giant Google has a very helpful page dedicated to Family Safety in which they outline what tools exist for parents to help protect their children online.

A class teacher

Challenge Direct 12/04/2011

12th Apr 2011
Public Affairs

The Association of Christian Teachers in Scotland supports Christian teachers in their calling and works for the maintenance of Christian values in the Scottish education system.

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Online friendships: What is the future of social relations?

8th Apr 2011
Public Affairs

While CARE is primarily concerned with child safety online, we very deliberately chose the term “protecting families online” as our campaign slogan, not only because adults use and sometimes abuse the freedom that the internet provides but also becau

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Update: Deportation of trafficked woman

4th Apr 2011
Public Affairs

Thank you to everyone who spread the word of Felicia Adjei’s deportation to Ghana on Friday night and contacted Virgin Airlines on her behalf.

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Never Again

4th Apr 2011
Public Affairs

Rape as a weapon in the DRC, part 2  

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Breaking news: Trafficked woman to be deported tonight

1st Apr 2011
Public Affairs

Below is an extract from a press release from the POPPY Project.  Updates will be tweeted @loosethechains