Use your influence with the PM to reform gambling across the UK, CARE urges DUP

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11th Aug 2017
Rachael Adams

Now that the DUP play a significant role in ensuring the Conservative Government remain in power they must hold Theresa May and the Conservative Party to account over their commitment to create a fairer society. FOBT’s do not fit into this narrative - they may work for the bookmakers and the taxman – but not for problem gamblers, their families or society as a whole.

CARE spoke out in the press this week about how urgent reform is needed in the gambling sector in order to protect the most vulnerable. This came after reports that the government could decide to shelve the gambling review they carried out late last year, meaning that no action would be taken to tackle fixed odds betting terminals (FOBTs).

CARE on BBC Radio Ulster


CARE's Northern Ireland Policy Officer. Mark Baillie is interviewed by BBC Radio Ulster on how the DUP must use their influence to make sure that urgent reforms are put in place to reform gambling so that it protects the most vulnerable in society - including reducing the stake on Fixed Odds Betting Terminals from £100 per spin to £2.

BBC Radio Ulster then move on to interviewing Jim Shannon MP from the DUP who not only agreed completely with CARE on the need to tackle fixed odds betting terminals, but also said that he would be in favour of significantly reducing the stake on these machines and committed himself to wanting to apply pressure on the British government to act on this issue.

Listen to the interview below:

CARE on i News and in the Belfast Newsletter

Political Editor Sam McBride ran with this story which was published on both i News and in the Belfast Newsletter. Sam quoted Mark Baillie and CARE in both pieces and noted the public pressure and demand for proposals to be introduced to reduce the stakes on fixed odds betting terminals. 

i News article: Use your influence with PM to reform gambling, Christians urge DUP

Belfast Newsletter: Evangelical group urges DUP to use its influence on gambling reform

To read more about CARE's work on the issue of gambling do click here. 

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