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UK’s most premature baby thriving as she celebrates 2nd birthday

11th Jun 2019 - James Mildred

The most premature baby born in the UK to date at 23 weeks and four days is thriving as she celebrates her second birthday.

Edie Madoc-Jones weighed just 1lb 4oz when she was born at University Hospital, Wales and was the size of her mother’s hand.

She was immediately put on life support and she had to battle a brain bleed, collapsed lungs and a hole in the heart.

But Edie pulled through and after 109 days in hospital, her mother and father were able to take her home.

It wasn’t a foetus, it was our little girl

Her mum, Nicola told WalesOnline: “we only got to see Edie for a few seconds before she was taken away. We were terrified to look, but we couldn’t not. She was tiny, her eyes were still fused shut, her skin was translucent, and she was terrible bruised from delivery.”

Before Edie was born, medics told her mother that she was not ‘viable’. Nicola told The Sun: “I was told by medics that my baby was not viable, but Edie is proof that the most tiny of babies can live a happy, healthy life. I was panicking because it was so early. I remember the doctor said a foetus isn’t viable for life until 24 weeks. We felt helpless, absolutely crushed.”

Edie’s mum went onto say: “That was my baby he was talking about and to me it wasn’t a foetus, it was our little girl.”

Abortion in the UK

Edie was born two days before the legal limit for abortions in Britain, which is 24 weeks. Abortion is even available up until birth in cases of disability. By contrast, in Northern Ireland the 1967 Abortion Act does not apply and thanks to its life-affirming laws, 100,000 people are alive today there who otherwise would not be there.

It is shocking how extreme our existing abortion laws are. Yet there are those who are pushing for even more extreme laws. This is neither progressive nor in the best interests of either the mother or the unborn baby. Rather than pursuing laws that will harm life, we need a new conversation in our nation about changing the culture so we affirm the dignity of both the mother and the unborn baby. 

Find out more

Read more about our work on abortion law and some of the wider concerns we have about the current situation.

Last week, we reported that a mother who was told 10 times to abort her child then gave birth to a healthy baby girl.

The full story of Edie’s remarkable birth and survival can be read at Mail Online


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