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Tory Peer: ban gambling ads around sports events

8th Oct 2018 - James Mildred

A leading Tory Peer has called for gambling ads to be banned an hour before, during and for an hour after live sporting events.

Lord Chadlington also released Populus polling of 2,000 people which showed 58 per cent would support a total ban on gambling advertising on all UK TV channels and stations.

Cross-Party support

Writing in the House Magazine, his proposals are backed by the Church of England and also have cross-party support.

A spotlight was shone on the prevalence of gambling adverts around sporting events during the recent World Cup.

According to the Daily Telegraph viewers watched the equivalent of 90 minutes of betting ads during the tournament.

Labour Party proposals

The Labour Party recently unveiled proposals which would see bookies allowed to offer odds on sporting events during the game, but not for specific times before or after the game or during advertising breaks.   

Lord Chadlington would like to go even further and his proposals would see gambling ads banned not only for an hour before and after, but also during the game itself.

CARE’s response

Public policy charity CARE (Christian Action Research and Education) has spoken out about the prevalence of gambling advertising and has recommended tighter controls.

The charity’s spokesperson, James Mildred said today: “Lord Chadlington is absolutely right to call for bold action to tackle the prevalence of gambling advertising.

“The Government cannot ignore the fact his proposals carry cross-party political support, the backing of the Church of England are also evidently popular with the wider public.

“In the light of this, banning sport betting ads before, during and after live events is badly needed but must be seen as a first step.”


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