crowd of people at March for Life in Parliament Square

Thousands join Pro-Life march in London

14th May 2019 - James Mildred

Last Saturday saw the March for Life 2019, with thousands of people taking to the streets to march on Westminster, to urge the UK Government to respect the value of life.

Despite the unpredictable and highly changeable weather, as many as 5,000 people took part in the march which was based around this year’s theme which was ‘irreplaceable’.

The crowds heard from several speakers, including President of Culture of Life Africa, Obianuju Ekeocha, and abortion survivor Melissa Ohden.

Ms Ohden told the crowd: “Despite the miracle of my survival, the doctor’s prognosis for my life was initially very poor.

“My adoptive parents were told that I would suffer from multiple disabilities throughout my life.

“However, here I am today, perfectly healthy.

“Whether I had lived with the expected disabilities or not, my life still deserved to be protected and respected, I still was worthy of the love that my family freely offered.”

Recent pressure

There has been growing pressure on MPs to change the law in respect to abortion provision in Northern Ireland as well as making yet more changes to the law in England and Wales.

Only last month, the Women and Equalities Committee called on Westminster to by-pass devolution by changing the law in Northern Ireland to permit abortion in cases of life-limiting conditions.

Last year, a radical abortion Bill which aimed at removing all remaining safeguards to abortion so it was accessible anytime, anywhere for no reason was blocked in the House of Commons.


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