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8th Sep 2017
Rachael Adams
  • New Pray for Schools prayer feature will help ensure more schools across England and Wales are covered by prayers this school year

There are many challenges that both children, teachers and schools face throughout the year. From bullying, to teacher burnout and school funding cuts, just how can we, as Christians, respond to these very real, crippling issues?

Pray For Schools have just launched an exciting new feature on their website where you can type in your postcode and see if your local schools are currently being prayed for. There is then the option to join an existing group to pray for that school, or to register yourself up to pray for a school that currently has no one currently praying for it.

This new prayer feature ensures that more schools across England and Wales will be covered by strategic and specific prayers.

CARE’s Prayer Coordinator, Celia Bowring

“As term has started again it’s impossible not to think of the potential difficulties that are going to arise for children, teachers and schools this upcoming school year.”

“As Christians, we know that our prayers make a huge difference in the world, so just think of the positive impact they will have if we get together and pray, both strategically and specifically for a local school.”

“Schools are where children and young people spend the majority of their week – it is where their minds and attitudes are largely being shaped and moulded."

“Can you imagine if every school across the UK was covered by prayer? Just think of what that might mean for the wellbeing of our children, our young people, our families and our society.”

“We encourage everyone to type in their postcode to see if their local school is being prayed for, and to begin the journey of praying for their local schools and to witness the positive change this brings to their communities.” 


Notes to the editor:

For more information please contact Rachael Adams on 020 7227 4731 / 07851 153693 or

Pray for Schools is facilitated by CARE and is a partnership between CARE, Churches Together, Scripture Union, ACT, Youth for Christ, Prayer Spaces in Schools and Open the Book. Celia Bowring, Prayer Coordinator for CARE, is chair of the Pray for Schools steering group.

Find out more information about Pray for Schools here:

Explore the new prayer feature here:

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