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The Sun backs Lord McColl’s modern slavery Bill in new campaign

This week The Sun newspaper launched a new campaign called: ‘Stamp Out Slavery’ to raise awareness of the crime and to call on the Government to back Lord McColl’s Modern Slavery (Victim Support) Bill.

Modern slavery is an abhorrent crime that exploits women, children and men for numerous purposes – including for sex, forced labour, domestic servitude, criminal activity and organ harvesting.

According to recent estimates, there were 40.3 million people trapped in modern slavery in 2016 – around 70 per cent of those were women and girls. In the UK alone, the most recent estimate shows that 136,000 people are trapped in exploitation, some ten times higher than was previously thought.

However, the lack of a statutory duty of care for victims of modern slavery means that many victims of modern slavery cannot escape the cycle of abuse. Confirmed victims of modern slavery only receive 45 days of support after they are officially recognised as being a victim. Evidence from victims, the former Anti-Slavery Commissioner Kevin Hyland and charities shows that this lack of extended support  has had serious consequences for victims of modern slavery. It has led to homelessness, destitution and also to victims being re-trafficked.

“And when slaves do manage to escape from their masters - 7,000 were rescued in Britain last year - they are shockingly only entitled to 45 days of help from the government. Which is why The Sun is today launching a campaign to 'Stamp Out Slavery', in conjunction with Co-Op, backing Lord McColl's victim support bill, which proposes to extend support given to rescued slaves from 45 days to one year.” – The Sun

The Sun: modern slavery victims need more support

We want the government to: Back Lord McColl's proposed bill, which suggests all victims of modern slavery should be given a year's support to recover. Alongside that they should be given special support to help them, including housing benefits, financial help and other services.” – The Sun

CARE’s Senior Policy Officer for Human Trafficking, Louise Gleich commented:

“It is great to see The Sun get behind Lord McColl’s Bill and champion modern slavery victims’ rights.

“Unfortunately, if the Government do not give the Bill time it is unlikely to progress, so  it is great to see a national newspaper using its influence to challenge the Government to do the right thing and support victims of modern slavery.

“Reducing modern slavery starts with putting the needs of victims first. Modern slavery victims need more time than they are currently being given to break the cycle of exploitation and live free for good.”

Hear from Lord McColl how his Bill will help victims of modern slavery

Find out more about Lord McColl’s Modern Slavery (Victim Support) Bill by visiting the Free for Good website here 


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