Movie still from Unplanned movie, shows Abby Johnson meeting pro-life advocates

Pro-life film 'Unplanned' is a hit at the Box Office

15th Apr 2019 - James Mildred

A pro-life film has proved to be a hit at the Box Office, despite the lack of air-time for promotions due to the subject matter.

Unplanned tells the amazing story of Abby Johnson who was a Planned Parenthood clinic director who became a pro-life advocate after watching a 13-week abortion on ultrasound.



The film received a restrictive rating from the motion Picture Association of America and other media outlets also refused to air adverts and promotional videos. It was released on March 29 on 1,000 screens. On its opening weekend, twitter temporarily suspended the film’s promotional account.

Despite the lack of promotion and the unexplained twitter ban, Unplanned took in more than $6million on opening weekend and has continued to perform strongly since. At one point, it even reached fourth place in the US Box Office.

Due to the success, the film has expanded to 1,500 screens in its second week with the continued growth being driven by word of mouth and social media.

Since the film was released, some reports suggest as many as 94 abortion clinic workers have said they may quit their jobs.

Michael Scott, the CEO of Pure Flix who distributed the film, said: “The film has been an overwhelming success. The amazing work of the filmmakers, actors and team behind bringing Abby Johnson’s story to audiences is helping raise awareness to national and regional Pro-Life movements around the country.

“We hope that those on both sides of the debate will see Unplanned and begin to have their own dialogue. This film can be that spark to bring more hearts and minds to understanding the value of life.”

Picture source: Lifesite News


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