Modern slavery victims being sent back to homes they were abused in

The Home Office has been accused of failing to provide safe housing for victims of modern slavery after they are released from immigration detention.

In one shocking example, a Chinese woman was released from Yarl’s Wood immigration removal centre last month and was told to make her own way back to an address in Barking where she’d previously been discovered, working in the sex trade.

When it is decided that someone is a victim of modern slavery, they are entitled to receive specialist support which is sub-contracted out to the Salvation Army.

To facilitate the transfer from a detention centre to the care of the Salvation Army, the Home Office is supposed to liase with the charity.

But according to The Independent there are numerous cases where the Salvation Army has not been informed, leaving victims are risk.


A spokesperson for the Home Office told The Independent that they “accepted and regretted that the correct processes were not initially followed”. They are now investigating the case.

Frank Field MP, chair of the recent Modern Slavery Act review said the cases were truly shocking and highlighted carelessness at the Home Office.

James Mildred, Communications Manager at CARE said: “It’s absolutely essential this is investigated and stopped. Victims of modern slavery need the strongest possible support if they are to rebuild their lives.”

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