Government undermines NI Assembly in shock decision to allow free abortions for Northern Irish women in England

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29th Jun 2017
Rachael Adams

This afternoon the government announced it would fund abortions in England for Northern Irish women by giving grants to charities to facilitate this, taking it directly from the Women and Equalities budget.

CARE’s Chief Executive Nola Leach

“CARE is disappointed by the decision the government has taken, but we will continue to advocate for women and unborn children in Northern Ireland and across the rest of the UK.”

“Money from the equalities budget should not be used to undermine the integrity of law in Northern Ireland, which was decided by the democratically elected Northern Ireland Assembly as recently as February last year.”

“A recent study showed that there were 100,000 people alive today because of Northern Ireland’s laws on abortion. They would not be alive if the 1967 Abortion Act had of been extended to the province. A world which continues to pit the rights of a woman against the rights of her unborn child is not advancing human rights.”

“This very morning the three judges in the Court of Appeal in Belfast unanimously ruled that Northern Ireland’s laws on abortion are not incompatible with human rights.”

“An abortion is never an easy decision to make. We recognise that there are difficulties women face with pregnancies, especially in cases where the unborn child may be born with a life-limiting disease, but we do not believe that abortion is the answer.”

“Women and girls who are experiencing crisis pregnancies need support. The offer of funding for a free abortion in another country is short-sighted as it neglects any mention of an offer of counselling or care for the woman.”

“A better use of the funds would be to spend the money on better support services, both physical and psychological, and for greater access to them for all mothers.”


Notes to the editor:

For more information please contact Rachael Adams on 020 7227 4731 / 07851 153693 or

CARE is a leading charity that works with MLAs, MSPs, MPs, and Peers to lobby for changes in legislation relating to human dignity. You can read about the success we’ve had and our latest work here.

For more information on the Court of Appeal in Belfast and our response please click here.

Both Lives Matter published a report in January that shows that there are at least 100,000 people alive in Northern Ireland today who would not be alive if the 1967 Act had been applied in the province.

CARE also press released when it was announced that Nicola Sturgeon was planning to offer Northern Irish women abortions for free in Scotland; click here to read.

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