CARE Statement

20th Jun 2017 - Rachael Adams

It has been falsely claimed that CARE supports the so-called ‘gay cure’.

We do not.

Nearly ten years ago CARE donated £500 to a conference at which speakers addressed the issue of homosexuality in a Christian context. We did not attend the conference and learned after the event that the subject of ‘unwanted same sex attraction’ sometimes known as ‘gay cure’ was discussed.  

The consequence of this involvement has been that every time any high-profile figure associated with our charity is in the news, a false association is made between that person and the so-called ‘gay cure.’  

CARE supports a range of causes, partner organisations and campaigns every year.  In this instance a topic was discussed which CARE did not and does not endorse. The donation was never intended to signify support for all positions discussed at the event.

CARE is not anti gay - love is central to Jesus’ message and he taught us to love one another as he loved us.

CARE does not recognise or support any so called ‘gay cure.’

Creating a link between CARE and this issue may make dramatic headlines but it is false and defamatory to claim or imply that CARE supports any so-called ‘gay cure’.


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