Human Trafficking

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Legislation proposed to increase support for victims of modern day slavery

27th Jun 2017
Louise Gleich

Yesterday in the House of Lords, a Bill was introduced which aims to improve the support available for adult victims of modern day slavery.

New Scottish initiative puts significant pressure on Government to increase support for trafficking victims

20th Jun 2017
Rachael Adams

Scotland’s doubling of support for victims of trafficking puts significant pressure on Westminster to increase the support it currently gives to trafficking victims in England and Wales.

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Scotland doubles support for victims of trafficking

16th Jun 2017
Louise Gleich

Michael Matheson, Scotland's Justice Secretary, announced this week that the Scottish Government will be increasing the minimum period of support for adult victims of trafficking from 45 days to 90 days.  

MPs Report Warns Urgent Reform is Needed as Insufficient Support is Leaving Human Trafficking Victims Destitute and their Traffickers Unpunished

2nd May 2017
Rachael Adams

In a report published on Sunday, MPs on the Work and Pensions Committee have described ‘inexcusable’ failures in the system which leaves many victims destitute and see their traffickers go unpunished.

CARE speaks to Christian Today urging next government to increase support for victims of human trafficking

2nd May 2017
Rachael Adams

CARE's Senior Policy Officer Louise Gleich was quoted on Christian Today, urging the next government to make increasing support for victims of human trafficking a priority. 

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Home Secretary promises to improve trafficking victims’ access to support

13th Apr 2017
Louise Gleich

CARE welcomes the statement made today by the Home Secretary Amber Rudd MP, that the Government will take action to improve the National Referral Mechanism (NRM) through which victims of human trafficking are able to receive support.

SNP Vote in Favour of Criminalising the Purchase of Sex

17th Mar 2017
Rachael Adams

CARE for Scotland welcomes the move today by the SNP to endorse the Nordic approach to prostitution by criminalising the purchase of sex. The motion was proposed by Ash Denham MSP and seconded by Fiona Broadfoot.

Baroness Butler-Sloss speaking in the House of Lords

Concern for victims of trafficking raised in debate on homelessness bill

24th Feb 2017
Louise Gleich

During a debate on the Homelessness Reduction Bill in the House of Lords today Baroness Butler-Sloss highlighted the plight of victims of trafficking who end up on the streets at the end of the 45 day period of support in a safe house through the Nat

New Research indicates Scotland should act on Prostitution

24th Feb 2017
Rachael Adams

Research published today by the Scottish Government highlights the harm that prostitution causes and recognises that Sweden has had significant success in tackling prostitution by criminalising the purchase of sex.

Mark Baillie speaks to Belfast Newsletter: ‘Others must follow NI lead on sex laws’

16th Feb 2017
Rachael Adams

Mark Baillie, CARE's Northern Ireland Policy Officer spoke to the Belfast Newsletter about how the Republic of Ireland has followed Northern Irelands' lead in passing a bill to make it illegal for people to pay for sex and how this will have a crucia