Human Trafficking

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Slavery is not just a problem of history: it's a challenge of today

23rd Aug 2019
Nadia Battioui

The International Day for the Remembrance of the Slave Trade and its Abolition allows us to reflect on the tragedy of slavery and resolve to oppose all modern forms of human trafficking.   

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Lack of long-term support means modern slavery victims at risk of further abuse

31st Jul 2019
James Mildred

The lack of support offered to victims of modern slavery in the UK means they face the risk of further exploitation, charities have warned today.

Longer-term support for survivors of modern slavery will boost economy

18th Jul 2019
James Mildred

A new cost-benefit analysis from experts at the Rights Lab at the University of Nottingham has found that the benefits of longer-term support for modern slavery survivors considerably outweigh the initial costs.

New modern slavery research centre will be created

9th Jul 2019
James Mildred

Today the Government announced that £10m will be put towards a new modern slavery research centre, to help tackle the problem across the UK.

Police break-up the UK’s biggest modern slavery ring

8th Jul 2019
James Mildred

The largest modern slavery ring in the UK has been broken up by the police with support from anti-trafficking charity Hope for Justice. The network had more than 400 victims who were put to work in the West Midlands by an organised crime gang.

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Home Office concedes that 45-day limit for slavery victims is unlawful

28th Jun 2019
James Mildred

Today it has emerged that the Government has conceded its 45-day policy of support for confirmed human trafficking victims is incompatible with the Trafficking Convention.

The Statutory Defence for victims of human trafficking- how does it work?

24th Jun 2019
Anonymous (not verified)

What is the statutory defence and why was it introduced?

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MPs want further improvements to help tackle modern slavery

21st Jun 2019
James Mildred

During a Westminster Hall debate on Wednesday, MPs called on the Government to make certain improvements in how modern slavery in England and Wales is addressed. 

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Human Trafficking in Northern Ireland - A sad reality

18th Jun 2019
Anonymous (not verified)

Human Trafficking is a serious crime which sadly is a reality in Northern Ireland. Potential victims of trafficking have been found in towns and cities in this jurisdiction.

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First ever victim cleared of criminal convictions under NI’s human trafficking legislation

17th Jun 2019
James Mildred

Last Friday (14 June), a Vietnamese man became the first ever person to be cleared of criminal charges under NI’s landmark Human Trafficking legislation, successfully overturning a previous Home Office ruling.