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CARE CEO: Influx of Gambling Ads are Putting Young People at Risk of Addiction

22nd Aug 2017
Rachael Adams

Nola Leach, CARE CEO told Premier Radio that advertisements have normalised gambling for young children which can having damaging effects.

Use your influence with the PM to reform gambling across the UK, CARE urges DUP

11th Aug 2017
Rachael Adams

Now that the DUP play a significant role in ensuring the Conservative Government remain in power they must hold Theresa May and the Conservative Party to account over their commitment to create a fairer society.

DUP Under Pressure to Stop Alleged Government Plans to Scrap Gambling Review

7th Aug 2017
Rachael Adams

Northern Ireland has the highest rate of problem gamblers in the UK: Tax revenue must not dictate long overdue action needed to regulate ‘crack cocaine of gambling’

Hammond Must Not Jeopardise Chance of Finally Reducing Stake on Harmful FOBTs

7th Aug 2017
Rachael Adams

Tax revenue must not dictate long overdue action needed to regulate ‘crack cocaine of gambling’

Mark Baillie speaks to Premier Radio about significant increase of money that's lost on FOBTs

26th May 2017
Rachael Adams

CARE's Policy Officer Mark Baillie talks to Premier Radio about a new report which shows that since 2009 there has been a 73% increase on the money lost on Fixed Odds Betting Terminals (FOBTs).

Mark Baillie speaks out about what needs to be done to tackle problem gambling in Northern Ireland

4th May 2017
Rachael Adams

This week the Northern Ireland Gambling Prevalence Survey came out which identified that Northern Ireland had more than four times as many problem gamblers as England.

New Report shows Northern Ireland has more than Four Times as Many Problem Gamblers as England

3rd May 2017
Rachael Adams

Northern Ireland has a higher proportion of ‘problem gamblers’ than any other UK region, a new report has found.

premier news

Dan Boucher speaks to Premier about New Government Report Urging Action on FOBTs

6th Feb 2017
Rachael Adams

After the final report from the All-Parliamentary Group on Fixed Odds Betting Terminals (FOBTs) was published, CARE's Director of Parliamentary Affairs Dr Dan Boucher spoke to Premier, as the report makes a clear case for urgent government action.

Government has a clear case to take action on FOBTs

31st Jan 2017
Chris Buttenshaw

New Report urges Government to act immediately to crack down on FOBTs

Dan Boucher on Premier Radio: gambling industry must do more to help addicts

19th Nov 2016
Rachael Adams

CARE's Director of Parliamentary Affairs, Dan Boucher spoke to Premier radio about how the gambling industry must step up and do more to help out gambling addicts.