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BLOG: Why the Government’s divorce proposals are bad for children

7th Dec 2018
James Mildred

One of the main aims the Government has given for their proposals to radically alter divorce law in England and Wales by introducing ‘no fault’ divorce is to reduce the negative impact of divorce on children.

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BLOG: Government divorce proposals undermine marriage

6th Dec 2018
Jonathan Williams

With Brexit dominating the news agenda, it may seem as if the current debate about the Withdrawal Agreement is the Government’s sole focus.

WATCH: a real world example of family discrimination in our tax system

29th Nov 2018
James Mildred

Our friends at the Tax and the Family charity have published an interview with a one-earner family who talk about the ways in which the current tax system discriminates against them. UK is a cold place for families

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New report: Individualistic tax system is crippling UK one-earner families

31st Oct 2018
Rachael Adams

Tax burden on one-earner married families with two children 30 per cent greater than the OECD average.

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ONS figures reveal massive economic value of stay-at-home spouses

11th Oct 2018
Jonathan Williams

Stay-at-home spouses contribute thousands of pounds a year to the economy according to new figures from The Office of National Statistics (ONS).

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Conservative peer calls on Government to focus on strengthening families

5th Oct 2018
Jonathan Williams

Senior Conservative Peer, Lord Farmer, has called on the Government not to buck its responsibility but to undertake work to strengthen families and prevent family breakdown.

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CARE talks about the importance of marriage

3rd Oct 2018
Rachael Adams

The Government has announced that they will seek to extend civil partnerships to couples of the opposite sex. CARE Spokesperson James Mildred said: 


Government announces extension of civil partnerships to heterosexual couples

2nd Oct 2018
Jonathan Williams

The Government has announced that they will seek to extend civil partnerships to couples of the opposite sex.


NI abortion laws don't mean more children in care

28th Sep 2018
Rachael Adams

A new study shows that Northern Ireland has far fewer children proportionately in foster or residential care than in England, Wales or Scotland.

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Government proposes changes to divorce law to introduce ‘no-fault’ divorce

27th Sep 2018
Rachael Adams

The UK Government has proposed reforms to divorce laws in England and Wales that will remove requirements to show cause for a divorce and replace this with a simple notification system.