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CARE for Scotland welcomes the Scottish Government’s revision of the Named Person scheme

21st Jun 2017
Rachael Adams

CARE for Scotland has given a cautious welcome to the Scottish Government’s revised Named Person scheme.

CARE speaks out on latest Named Person scheme update

8th Mar 2017
Rachael Adams

As John Swinney addressed parliament about plans to reintroduce the Named Person scheme, CARE spoke out about continued concerns about how the scheme will work in practise.

Scottish Parliament

Named Person Scheme must be Responsive to Parents Needs

7th Mar 2017
Rachael Adams

Today, John Swinney addressed parliament about plans to reintroduce the Named Person Scheme after taking into consideration the Supreme Court’s ruling that the scheme was not compatible with the European Convention on Human Rights.

Government seeks to overhaul law on SRE

3rd Mar 2017
Chris Buttenshaw

On Wednesday, the Government announced that it will amend the Children and Social Work Bill to make changes to the law on sex and relationships education in England which will erode, and some ways undermine, the role of parents.  The amendment will b

CARE's Research on the Benefits of Increasing Marriage Tax Allowance on Premier Radio

18th Jan 2017
Rachael Adams

CARE's latest research on the UK tax system was highlighted on Premier this week.

Current UK Tax Policy is Compounding British Fiscal Individualism Rather than Creating a Shared Society

18th Jan 2017
Rachael Adams

Urgent Need to Increase the Marriage Allowance

Taxation of Families Report

New tax research published – UK falling behind in response to struggling families

18th Jan 2017
Louise Gleich

Today CARE has published new research into how the tax system responds to families and compares the UK system with that of other industrialised countries.

CARE featured in The Telegraph, urging the Government to increase the Marriage Tax Allowance

16th Jan 2017
Rachael Adams

The Telegraph reported on polling data from ComRes, which CARE commissioned that shows 58 per cent of people support an increase in the Marriage Tax Allowance.  Fiona Bruce, MP for Congleton: 

Autumn Statement 2016 – a missed opportunity for JAMs?

25th Nov 2016
Chris Buttenshaw

On Wednesday, the Chancellor outlined the Government’s economic priorities in his first – and last – Autumn Statement.  With pressure to steady the ship following the Brexit vote and the Prime Minister’s commitment to help ‘just about managing’ famil

Conservative Home Image

CARE's proposals highlighted on Conservative Home

21st Nov 2016
Rachael Adams

Ahead of the Autumn budget this week, Paul Goodman has written for Conservative Home and recommended that the government should look at CARE's proposals to increase the value of transferable allowances.  You can read the article HERE.