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House of Lords Chamber

“Parliament has expressed its views” on assisted suicide says Minister

20th Jan 2017
Louise Gleich

In the House of Lords this week, Baroness Meacher asked the Government if it had plans to legalise assisted suicide.  In doing so Lady Meacher highlighted the case of Noel Conway, who is challenging the current law in the high court.

Gordon Macdonald on STV News & BBC News to talk about Assisted Suicide

13th Jan 2017
Rachael Adams

Gordon Macdonald, CARE for Scotland's Policy Officer was on both STV evening news and BBC News to talk about Assisted Suicide.

Mark Baillie interviewed on BBC Talkback about Euthanasia

21st Dec 2016
Rachael Adams

Mark Baillie, CARE's Northern Ireland Policy Officer speaks out about euthanasia. Mark was interviewed on BBC Talkback about the judge's ruling on PC Briggs.

Attempt to force BMA into neutral position on assisted suicide fails

21st Jun 2016
James Mildred

The British Medical Association (BMA) will remain officially opposed to assisted suicide after an attempt to force the association into a neutral position on the issue failed today.

Lessons on Life-Taking Legislation from Canada

21st Jun 2016
Anonymous (not verified)

In light of Canada’s radical decriminalisation of “medical assistance in dying”, what lessons should the UK learn? Samuel Basden, writing for CARE, takes a look.

Disturbing euthanasia figures from the Netherlands

13th May 2016
James Mildred

The latest figures from the Netherlands reveal the number of deaths owing to euthanasia has increased by 50 per cent in the last five years.

Assisted suicide: Swiss clinic records huge rise in numbers

2nd Mar 2016
James Mildred

EXIT, one of Switzerland’s major assisted suicide organisations has reported a sharp rise in the number of people helped to end their own life in 2015. The clinic helped 782 people end their own life last year, 199 more than in 2014.

Judges reject assisted suicide courts challenge

4th Dec 2015
James Mildred

An appeal against the change in guidance over assisted suicide prosecutions has been rejected by the High Court today.

Concern over Court of Protection ruling allowing MS sufferer to die

27th Nov 2015
Chris Buttenshaw

In what has been described as a “landmark legal ruling”, the Court of Protection has ruled that a 68-year old woman suffering with Multiple Sclerosis (MS) should have artificial nutrition and hydration withdrawn and be “allowed to die”.  This is a de

MSPs say end-of-life care should be a right

25th Nov 2015
James Mildred

A leading Holyrood committee has said patients should have a right to access high quality end-of-life palliative care.