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GPs to be polled over views on assisted suicide

24th Jun 2019
James Mildred

The Royal College of General Practitioners (RCGP) is to poll its more than 53,000 members on whether the College should drop its official opposition to assisted suicide.

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Peers debate improving access to palliative care

14th Jun 2019
James Mildred

Today in the House of Lords, Peers debated improving access to palliative care across England during the second reading of Baroness Finlay’s Access to Palliative Care Bill.

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End-of-life care is a postcode lottery, say experts

10th Jun 2019
James Mildred

End-of-life care is a postcode lottery which means too many people are missing out on quality support at the end of their lives, experts will warn this week.

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Peers express opposition to assisted suicide

24th May 2019
James Mildred

On Thursday, a notable question was asked in the House of Lords about what assessment the Government has made of whether the threat of prosecutions under the Suicide Act 1961 is causing suffering to mentally competent, terminally ill people at the en

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Royal College faces potential reprimand over assisted suicide stance

13th May 2019
James Mildred

The Charity Commission has written to the Royal College of Physicians (RCP) and expressed concerns about the manner in which the College dropped its historic opposition to assisted suicide.

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New legal bid for assisted suicide

9th May 2019
James Mildred

A new legal challenge to the law that outlaws assisted suicide was launched this week by Paul Lamb, 63, who was paralysed from the neck down following a car crash around 30 years ago.

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Let’s save our doctors from the pressure to kill their patients

7th May 2019
Nigel Cameron

Every few years, people who believe that doctors should kill patients try another effort at making it legal. Of course, they don’t call it the “Let Doctors Kill Patients Act.” They call it “Physician-assisted suicide.” Or “Assisted dying.”

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Assisted suicide is start of a slippery slope, CARE for Scotland warns

23rd Apr 2019
James Mildred

CARE for Scotland has warned that legalising assisted suicide would be the start of a slippery slope, with unintended and damaging consequences for society.

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Senior doctor quits Royal College over new assisted suicide stance

8th Apr 2019
James Mildred

The chairman of the ethics committee at the Royal College of Physicians (RCP) has resigned over the RCP’s new official stance of ‘neutral’ on assisted suicide.

MSPs push back strongly on assisted suicide

8th Apr 2019
James Mildred

A cross-party group of MSPs has spoken out about fresh attempts to introduce assisted suicide in Scotland.