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Traffickers are exploiting refugee crisis in Europe says new report

20th May 2016
Louise Gleich

A new report from the European Commission has warned that there is strong evidence of criminal networks taking advantage of the current refugee crisis in Europe to target and exploit the most vulnerable people – especially women and children.

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European Parliament urges greater action to prevent and combat human trafficking

12th May 2016
Louise Gleich

Members of the European Parliament today urged national governments and the European Commission to do more to support victims of human trafficking and to prevent future exploitation.

French MPs vote to ban paying for sex

6th Apr 2016
Louise Gleich

The French Parliament has today (6 April) voted to make it illegal in France to pay for sexual services.  The new law means that those who purchase sexual services will face a fine of 1500 Euros (or up to 3750 Euros for repeat offenders).

Pro-abortion reports are contradictory and flawed

13th Mar 2015
James Mildred

PRESS RELEASE: Two major reports that deny the right to life have been accepted by the European Parliament just this last week.

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Controversial pro-abortion report voted down by European Parliament

13th Dec 2013
Ruth Bessant

PRESS RELEASE - In a significant vote on Tuesday, the European Parliament rejected a set of radical reproductive health measures which would have had negative implications for both the wellbeing of mothers and babies across the world and the rights o

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No safeguards to protect early human life in new EU proposals

22nd Nov 2013
Public Affairs

Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) have agreed to a new EU Research Funding Programme – “Horizon 2020” – despite the fact that the programme fails to provide protections for early human life.

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Report: Welcome resolutions on sexual exploitation, religious freedom and ethics adopted by Council of Europe

26th Apr 2013
Public Affairs

I am delighted to be able to report that four good resolutions were adopted this week by the Council of Europe Parliamentary Assembly on several issues of concern to CARE.  The Parliamentary Assembly, comprised of seconded members of national parliam

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The Euro Diaries: A Catalyst special on Care for Europe

10th Apr 2013

A thought-provoking seminar and exhibition becomes a highlight of Care for Europe’s very busy week…


Time runs out for Government to comply with EU Anti-Trafficking Directive

5th Apr 2013

The deadline for the Government to make sure our laws and systems comply with the EU Anti-Trafficking Directive is tomorrow (6 April).  After a concerted campaign in 2010, the Government changed its mind and decided to opt-in to the Directive.  But o

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‘One of Us’ European Citizens Initiative – Please help protect early human life

21st Mar 2013
Public Affairs

CARE for Europe has long campaigned in Brussels and Strasbourg against the use of EU monies in projects that involve the destruction of early human life.