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Nola Leach: Our Abortion Laws Must Protect the Most Vulnerable

27th Jun 2017
Rachael Adams

Nola Leach penned a piece for Christian Today on the importance of how our laws on abortion must always protect the most vulnerable.

Prayer Underpins All We Do at CARE

22nd Jun 2017
Rachael Adams

We believe prayer to be crucially important and so make it a priority to always produce informative and inspiring resources for Christians to use in their personal and public prayer times.  We believe that God is willing to listen to our intercession

CARE: it's crucial to engage in the election and to get out and vote on June 8th

6th Jun 2017
Rachael Adams

CARE's UK Director Gareth Davies was interviewed by TWR in the lead up to polling day on why it's crucial for people to engage in the General Election and to get our and vote on June 8th. You can listen to the interview in full below.    

Mark Baillie speaks to Premier Radio about significant increase of money that's lost on FOBTs

26th May 2017
Rachael Adams

CARE's Policy Officer Mark Baillie talks to Premier Radio about a new report which shows that since 2009 there has been a 73% increase on the money lost on Fixed Odds Betting Terminals (FOBTs).

CARE speaks out on latest abortion polling findings

26th May 2017
Rachael Adams

CARE believes that every life has value, from its beginning at conception to its natural end.

Mark Baillie speaks out about what needs to be done to tackle problem gambling in Northern Ireland

4th May 2017
Rachael Adams

This week the Northern Ireland Gambling Prevalence Survey came out which identified that Northern Ireland had more than four times as many problem gamblers as England.

CARE speaks to Christian Today urging next government to increase support for victims of human trafficking

2nd May 2017
Rachael Adams

CARE's Senior Policy Officer Louise Gleich was quoted on Christian Today, urging the next government to make increasing support for victims of human trafficking a priority. 

CARE speaks out on latest Named Person scheme update

8th Mar 2017
Rachael Adams

As John Swinney addressed parliament about plans to reintroduce the Named Person scheme, CARE spoke out about continued concerns about how the scheme will work in practise.

Mark Baillie speaks to Belfast Newsletter: ‘Others must follow NI lead on sex laws’

16th Feb 2017
Rachael Adams

Mark Baillie, CARE's Northern Ireland Policy Officer spoke to the Belfast Newsletter about how the Republic of Ireland has followed Northern Irelands' lead in passing a bill to make it illegal for people to pay for sex and how this will have a crucia

belfast telegraph

Mark Baillie in the Belfast Telegraph speaking about Abortion and NI Election

14th Feb 2017
Rachael Adams

Mark Baillie, CARE for Northern Ireland's Policy Officer wrote a letter to The Belfast Telegraph urging voters to consider candidate's and parties' stances on abortion before casting their vote in the Northern Ireland Election in March. Mark wrote: