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The Statutory Defence for victims of human trafficking- how does it work?

24th Jun 2019
Anonymous (not verified)

What is the statutory defence and why was it introduced?

Let's end the culture of silence in our churches over abortion

19th Jun 2019
Naomi Marsden

A few years ago, my church ran a sermon series on the Ten Commandments.

woman crying into hands

Human Trafficking in Northern Ireland - A sad reality

18th Jun 2019
Anonymous (not verified)

Human Trafficking is a serious crime which sadly is a reality in Northern Ireland. Potential victims of trafficking have been found in towns and cities in this jurisdiction.

Nigel Cameron: Are we “summoning the demon”? Why AI is a problem

17th Jun 2019
Nigel Cameron

Our lives have been enormously enriched by the many benefits of the Artificial Intelligence that powers the Internet.

A Technological Society

17th Jun 2019
Stuart Weir

I feel like we’re sleepwalking. And I’ve got questions…

A Good [Online] Society

3rd Jun 2019
Stuart Weir

We live in a cyber age. I pay my bills online. I check my bank account online. I communicate with my friends on social media. I write emails to my MSPs. I set up an online shop for my weekly groceries. I book my tickets to the pictures online.

robot running

Will Robots Take Your Job? A plea for consensus

3rd Jun 2019
Nigel Cameron

Technology really is going to roil labor markets. Even if there’s a happy ending. And there may not be. In my new book Will Robots Take Your Job? A Plea for Consensus (Polity Press, 2017) I set out why.


Faith and Politics? It's non-negotiable

31st May 2019
Stuart Weir

We are in a moment in time in the United Kingdom that demonstrates great tension. Many of us are almost bald with the amount of infuriated hair pulling we’ve done due to party politics and Brexit over the last year or two.

running robot

How to keep the faith in the digital revolution? - The power of context

29th May 2019
Matt James

This is the final in a series of blog posts by Matt James, looking at how we can keep the faith in the digital revolution. Read the rest of the series here.

embryo in a Petri dish

Do we want to engineer our kids?

28th May 2019
Nigel Cameron

Way back in the middle of the Second World War one of the smartest men in the world wrote a little book with the weird title The Abolition of Man. One day, he said, science would give us the power to pick our children’s genes.