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Supreme Court case on withdrawal of food and fluids sets dangerous precedent

30th Jul 2018
Chris Buttenshaw

Today, the Supreme Court has delivered a judgment with profound implications for how we as a society value life.

The Truth Behind Iceland's 'Cure' for Down's Syndrome and What it Means for the UK

31st Aug 2017
Rachael Adams

The sad truth that nearly all unborn children who have been diagnosed with having Down Syndrome are aborted in Iceland hit the news this past week. 

Nola Leach writes for Christian Today - "3-Parent Babies: Unethical, Unproven, Dangerous And Unnecessary"

16th Dec 2016
Rachael Adams

In light of the HFEA's decision to approve the 3-parent baby technique Nola Leach, CARE's CEO has written an article for Christian Today warning about how the technique is: 'unethical, unproven, dangerous and unnecessary'. 

As Three-Parent baby technique is close to approval Dr Dan Boucher raises concerns to Premier Radio

1st Dec 2016
Rachael Adams

With the three-parent baby technique close to approval, CARE's Director of Parliamentary Affairs Dan Boucher talks to Premier Christian Radio about the major concerns CARE has regarding the technique including the negative impact it potentially will

mother and baby holding hands

Nola Leach: NIPT- Can We Cope With The Unethical Consequences?

5th Oct 2016
Rachael Adams

NIPT: Can We Cope With The Unethical Consequences? By Nola Leach, CEO for CARE  

Dan Boucher quoted on Christian Today

5th Oct 2016
Rachael Adams

CARE's Director of parliamentary affairs Dr Dan Boucher slams the three-parent baby technique as 'risky, harmful and unethical' and urges the government to review the very real ethical concerns around the procedure.

Lessons on Life-Taking Legislation from Canada

21st Jun 2016
Anonymous (not verified)

In light of Canada’s radical decriminalisation of “medical assistance in dying”, what lessons should the UK learn? A Canadian intern, writing for CARE, takes a look.

Major flaw found in three-parent baby technique

20th May 2016
James Mildred

Scientists in New York have identified a major flaw in the controversial three parent baby IVF technique.

Nola Leach writes for Christian Today

11th May 2016
James Mildred

CARE's Chief Executive Nola Leach has written for Christian Today. In her latest column, Nola urges Christians to be more than just nominally pro-life because the sanctity of life in the UK is under threat as never before.

Nola Leach responds to human embryo test calls on Christian Today

6th May 2016
James Mildred

The Chief Executive of CARE, Nola Leach has responded to calls from scientists to extend the current 14 day limit on growing human embryos in laboratories.