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Naomi Marsden

Naomi is Deputy Head of Communications for CARE and has a background in law.

Pieces by Naomi Marsden

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How do we respond to Richard Dawkins’ views on Down’s syndrome?

20 May 2021

Richard Dawkins has done it again. He’s gone and said something controversial.


The law must stop discriminating against people with Down’s syndrome — this case could change that

4 May 2021

A law that tells people with disabilities that their lives are not worth living should never have found its way onto the statute books. This case, challenging Britain's discriminatory abortion law, could…

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Why all pregnant women should be concerned about a change to Britain’s abortion laws

9 April 2021

It’s no secret that the abortion lobby want to change our abortion laws in Britain. However, what many people don’t know is that the change they are seeking won’t just affect women…

Personhood Web

Why decriminalising abortion will erase the humanity of preborn babies for good

23 March 2021

‘Abortion is the intentional killing of a human being.’

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People with Down’s syndrome are telling us how our abortion laws make them feel. Let’s start listening.

19 March 2021

Today is World Down’s syndrome Day, and it couldn’t be a better time to build awareness around this subject.

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Abortion up to Birth: The Next Goal for the Abortion Lobby?

5 March 2021

What do those campaigning for the decriminalisation of abortion really want? The answer is abortion available right up to birth for any and every circumstance.

Marriage and Family
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Was lockdown good or bad for marriages?

8 December 2020

Many of us have felt the effects of long days cooped up together with our families and housemates during lockdown. Shared workspaces (also known as the dining table); trying to source wildly-entertaining-yet-educational…


In a world without abortion, how would society cope with all the extra lives?

24 November 2020

“Without easy access to abortion, society would not be able to cope with all the additional lives being born. There are already too many unwanted children in the UK, so without abortion…

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He knows their names: 9.5 million lives never forgotten

27 October 2020

It's 53 years since the Abortion Act 1967 received Royal Assent and became law. 9.5 million abortions later, and it's easy to feel hopeless at how cheap life has become in our…

Marriage and Family
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Why marriage makes a more satisfying relationship

24 August 2020

What makes a satisfying relationship? A recent study sought to answer this question.

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10 essential pro life resources

14 August 2020

Want to engage in a loving and logical manner on the issue of abortion? Keen to equip yourself better on the Christian response to ethical issues like assisted suicide? Here are ten…

Prolife T

3 Reasons Why I’m a Pro-Life Woman

29 July 2020

Contrary to popular opinion, it’s possible to be a young woman who cares deeply about women’s equality, and yet also believe that abortion is morally unjust and fundamentally in opposition to this…

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The Father Heart of God: Reflecting on abortion law in Northern Ireland

28 July 2020

“As a young woman, I felt deeply impacted by what happened on that day.”

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Abortion in Northern Ireland: How will the new law work?

31 March 2020

The Government have published their new legal framework for abortion services in Northern Ireland. But what exactly will this mean in practice?

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Coronavirus: how to stay calm, connected and encouraged

18 March 2020

During this period of increased isolation, many of us will be wondering how we can continue connecting as church communities and stay strong together. As the anxiety and fear swells around us,…

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Pro-choice tweet reveals truth about abortion debate

9 March 2020

When those with pro-choice beliefs are intellectually honest, a real conversation about abortion can begin, says CARE's Naomi Marsden.

Assisted Suicide
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Canada is a showcase for the slippery slope of assisted suicide

29 January 2020

Canada has yet again demonstrated how so-called 'safeguards' around assisted suicide laws are incrementally eroded.

Religious Liberty
Redwed3 279

This Red Wednesday, let’s remember the importance of religious liberty

27 November 2019

If you walk the streets of London today, you may notice that notable landmarks are lit up in the colour red.

Help 2

What hope is there now for women and babies in Northern Ireland?

22 October 2019

Today, October 22, the law on abortion shifts dramatically in Northern Ireland. Like you, we are heartbroken by this news.

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Concerning new abortion guidelines show little care for women

26 September 2019

New guidelines on termination of pregnancy, released today by NICE (the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence), make concerning recommendations which potentially rush women through the abortion process.

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Northern Ireland is no longer safe for disabled people

6 September 2019

As of 22 October, unless the Northern Ireland Assembly reforms, the lives of preborn disabled people hang in the balance.

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Problem gambling: a product of ideology?

4 September 2019

Yesterday the Select Committee on the Social and Economic Impact of the Gambling Industry heard evidence about who should take responsibility for preventing problem gambling, and whether the existing legislation regulating the…

Marriage and Family
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The birth rate is now the lowest since records began: what’s behind this trend?

6 August 2019

Last week the Office for National Statistics published the latest stats on birth rates in England and Wales. Their findings show that in 2018 the total fertility rate fell from 1.76 to…

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Are public attitudes to abortion really becoming more relaxed?

2 July 2019

Today on the Victoria Derbyshire show, the BBC claimed that attitudes to abortion are changing in Great Britain, citing You Gov polling that showed that 53% of the public want to see…


Let’s end the culture of silence in our churches over abortion

19 June 2019

A few years ago, my church ran a sermon series on the Ten Commandments. I’ve sat through many sermons on this topic before, but usually the commandment ‘you shall not kill’ is…