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Nola Leach: Our Abortion Laws Must Protect the Most Vulnerable

27th Jun 2017
Rachael Adams

Nola Leach penned a piece for Christian Today on the importance of how our laws on abortion must always protect the most vulnerable.

Sturgeon’s Views on Abortion at Odds with Public and Legal Opinion

19th Jun 2017
Rachael Adams

The Scottish Government is considering offering free abortions to women in Northern Ireland, which would significantly undermine Northern Ireland’s current laws on abortion.

CARE's CEO: We Can Reframe the Debate Around Abortion Now

6th Jun 2017
Rachael Adams

The recent polling conducted by Where Do They Stand could change the debate on abortion in the UK.

CARE speaks out on latest abortion polling findings

26th May 2017
Rachael Adams

CARE believes that every life has value, from its beginning at conception to its natural end.

Only 1% of Brits back abortion decriminalisation

22nd May 2017
Rachael Adams

A startling new ComRes poll that is the most representative study carried out on public perception of abortion in the last decade, has confirmed that the majority of the British public would value more legal protections for abortion.

91% of Britons want a ban on sex-selective abortions

22nd May 2017
Rachael Adams

A startling new ComRes poll shows that the overwhelming majority of the British public (91%) support a ban on sex-selective abortions.

Majority of Scots oppose their tax being spent to fund oversees abortion

22nd May 2017
Rachael Adams

A new ComRes poll shows that the majority of the Scottish public (65%) would like to stop taxpayers money being spent to fund abortions oversees.

Westminster Houses of Parliament

Abortion Decriminalisation Bill Does Not Carry Any Weight in the Court of Public Opinion or in Current Law

13th Mar 2017
Rachael Adams

Today, Diana Johnson MP tabled a Ten Minute Rule Bill which called for the full decriminalisation of abortion across England and Wales. MP’s were very much divided on the issue and the Bill was narrowly passed by 172 to 142. 

belfast telegraph

Mark Baillie in the Belfast Telegraph speaking about Abortion and NI Election

14th Feb 2017
Rachael Adams

Mark Baillie, CARE for Northern Ireland's Policy Officer wrote a letter to The Belfast Telegraph urging voters to consider candidate's and parties' stances on abortion before casting their vote in the Northern Ireland Election in March. Mark wrote:

Launch of Both Lives Matter: This is Compassion and Justice in Action

19th Jan 2017
Rachael Adams

I can speak for everyone involved in the Both Lives Matter event yesterday in giving our sincere thanks to everyone who came along - we had a brilliant time!