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UK Govt advisor calls for Nordic model

Commercial Sexual Exploitation
7 October 2021
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The UK Government’s advisor on tackling violence against women has called for the introduction of the ‘Nordic model’, which criminalises the purchase of sex.

Nimco Ali, a close friend of Carrie Johnson, told a fringe event at the Conservative Party conference that introducing the approach is the best way to see women protected.

Ms Ali told the women’s event: “I really do think that we need a Nordic approach when it comes to prostitution in this country. Ultimately, if we are in a society where women are commodified then we can’t respect women.”

“Twenty or thirty years ago nobody was embarrassed to be caught drink-driving but now they are. Men should be embarrassed by buying sex; men should be embarrassed to be heckling women,” she said.

“I really do think that we need a more direct approach when it comes to prostitution in this country.”

CARE successfully campaigned for the introduction of the Nordic Model in Northern Ireland and is lobbying for changes in the rest of the UK. CARE’s cause page on the issue states:

“As Christians, we are called to bring freedom and restoration to those who are oppressed and abused in the commercial sex trade. We are working for laws that will end the demand for exploitation and human trafficking, and help individuals to exit prostitution.

“Let’s build a society where no one is for sale, where vulnerable people do not feel prostitution is their only choice, and where those in prostitution are genuinely supported and helped to rebuild their lives.”

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Commercial Sexual Exploitation

We believe people were made for purpose, not purchase. Exploitation within the sex industry affects some of the most vulnerable in our society. CARE is working for better laws to protect them.

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