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‘Desperately sad’ figures show 1/4 of all pregnancies ended in abortion in 2019

5 August 2021
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More than a quarter of pregnancies in England and Wales in 2019 ended in abortion, new figures from the Office for National Statistics (ONS) reveal.

The stats, released today, show that the percentage of conceptions leading to a legal abortion among all women in England and Wales was 25.2% in 2019 – a rise on the previous two years.

There was also a drop in pregnancies overall, with an estimated 821,089 pregnancies in 2019, compared with 839,043 in 2018 – a decrease of 2.1%. This was the largest annual decrease since 2012.

Commenting on the figures James Mildred, Chief Communications Officer at public policy charity CARE, said:

“It is desperately sad to discover today that a quarter of pregnancies ended in abortion in 2019. The prevalence of abortions illustrates the acute pressures of modern life. Many women feel abortion is their only option because of financial constraints or because they feel unequipped to cope with a child. Is this really the mark of a compassionate society?

“Abortion is not trivial. Yet, in many ways it is treated like a simple form of contraception. As a society, we should be building a culture of life and hope, where every woman feels equipped to become a mother, regardless of her personal circumstances, not pushed towards an extreme decision.

“Today’s figures also demonstrate the dearth of real choice for women. Many are simply unaware of services on offer to help them carry a pregnancy to term and provide support after birth. Healthcare providers streamline access to abortion, often without urging careful consideration and alternatives. Choice is one way.

“Studies show that the public at large support moves to provide more choice and protections for women and reduce the number of abortions taking place. Politicians should be looking at ways to drive down the alarming abortion rate in the UK, support women to become mothers, and help families to thrive.”
James Mildred Chief Communications Officer

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