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Scottish Government urged to scrap harmful home abortion rules

23 June 2021
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CARE has called on the Scottish Government to scrap controversial home abortion rules brought in during the coronavirus pandemic, as analysis of a recent consultation indicates strong opposition.

The analysis, published today, found 74 per cent of respondents overall think the new scheme has had a negative impact on safety. Excluding responses prompted by pro-life campaigners, 47 per cent still agreed that safety is being undermined, whilst 43 per cent said it is not.

Michael Veitch, Parliamentary Officer at CARE for Scotland, commented:

“Under the new framework, there is the heightened danger of women being forced into having an abortion by a coercive partner. It is hard to establish meaningful and informed consent for medical abortion to take place, given the lack of in-person consultation. There is also the very obvious risk of dangerous medical complications occurring outside a medical setting.

“To prevent these harmful outcomes, we should insist upon the highest possible standards of safety. The safeguards that existed for access before the pandemic were there for a reason. The new framework is simply incompatible with the level of care that should be expected under normal circumstances.

“We therefore call on the Scottish Government to reject calls for an extension to the home abortion rules and revert to the previous arrangements as soon as Covid is deemed to be under control. It would be unwise in the extreme for interim arrangements designed for the pandemic to become the norm.”


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