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Abortion a factor in Britain's falling birth rate

5 May 2021
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Nola Leach, CEO of CARE recently penned this letter to The Guardian on alarming figures demonstrating a falling birthrate in Britain.


Polly Toynbee raises a vital issue in her op-ed ‘Britain’s falling birth-rate will damage our society. Various factors are at play here. Toynbee rightly recognises hardship, insecurity and anxiety, an ageing population, and a dearth of family-friendly policies as some of the most significant.

I would suggest that another major factor is Britain’s abortion rate – the highest in Europe – which averages at around 180,000 abortions per year. Regardless of our views on abortion, we should ask ourselves why it is so prevalent. Why do so many women feel unable to carry a baby to term?

Women across the UK, irrespective of class, age, relationship status and ethnicity, should feel able to have a child. But for many, perhaps most, women in difficult circumstances, abortion seems like the only real solution. This is tragic.

Part of our response to a falling birth rate must be signposting women to support services that enable them to choose life. The NHS, local authorities and other public service providers can play a role in this and help to engender a culture of life in Britain.

Yours sincerely,

Nola Leach

CEO Christian Action Research and Education (CARE)

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