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The CAREcast is back with a new series on end of life

CAREcast: a podcast telling a better story
4 March 2021
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Today, the new season of CARE’s podcast, the CAREcast, returns with an in depth look at one of the most important ethical debates of our time.

Questions around death and dying and whether the law should change to allow assisted suicide or euthanasia often provoke strong reactions.

Now, the CAREcast is taking the topic on, with two superb guests to help inform you on what can be a very complex topic.

In episode one, Dr Gillian Wright, a researcher for Care Not Killing gives a brilliant overview of what assisted suicide means and why there are strong reasons to reject any such change.

CAREcast with Dr Gillian Wright of Care Not Killing

Then, in episodes two and three, Dr Kathryn Mannix, author of With the End in Mind helps you understand the power of palliative care and the importance of understanding the dying process.

The CAREcast is available on Spotify, Google podcasts, Apple podcasts and on CARE’s YouTube channel as well.

A live Q&A on euthanasia will also be held on 11 March, to give people an opportunity to bring their own questions to the table and hear from CARE’s policy experts.

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Recent news in CAREcast: a podcast telling a better story

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CAREcast: a podcast telling a better story

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