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MP challenges UK Govt over sex-selective abortions in Northern Ireland

22 January 2021
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The UK Government was challenged this week over the fact sex-selective abortions are now legal in Northern Ireland, under the Westminster imposed abortion laws.

Speaking during Northern Ireland questions, Carla Lockhart MP said it was still a matter of deep regret to many in NI that its previous life-protecting law had been overturned.

She went on to ask whether the Minister was concerned that:

“under Northern Ireland’s abortion regulations, sex-selective abortion is permitted? The regulations permit abortion for any reason up to 12 weeks, within which time it is possible to determine the sex of the fetus.”
Carla Lockhart MP

Sex-select­ive abortions

In reply, the Minister claimed the regulations make no mention of sex-selective abortion and in this example, they follow the law in Great Britain.

However, a 2018 investigation highlighted that new non-invasive pre-natal tests were being used to determine the sex of the baby and women said they were under pressure to undergo sex-selective abortions.

There are also first-hand accounts of women under intense pressure to have sex-selective abortions from members of their own families.

North­ern Ire­land’s abor­tion law

Last year, Westminster passed regulations which imposed extreme abortion laws on Northern Ireland, dramatically overturning its previous, life-affirming law.

Under the Westminster imposed regulations, abortion is available:

  • up to 12 weeks for any reason,
  • up to 24 weeks on demand
  • up to birth for 'serious disabilities' (in Great Britain, this has included treatable disabilities such as club foot, cleft lip).

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