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Parliament Returns: Here’s what you need to know

3 September 2020

This week, MPs returned to work at Westminster following the summer recess. Social distancing measures still apply so it's a 'new normal' for members as they adjust again to longer voting times, less MPs in the chamber and plenty more changes besides.

At CARE, we keep a very close eye on what's happening on key causes, from human trafficking to abortion and end of life. We want to see God's wisdom and ways influencing laws and legislation. We do this because of our passionate belief that God's ways are good for the whole of society.

With MPs back and Members of the Northern Ireland Assembly (MLAs) also back at work, we thought it would be helpful to think through some of the key challenges and opportunities that are coming down the tracks.

So, in a special, one-off CARE Session, we brought together key members of the CARE team, from our CEO Nola Leach, to our CARE NI Director Tim Martin and CARE for Scotland's Director Stuart Weir, alongside Naomi and our Chairman, Lyndon Bowring to tell you more about how you can support and get involved in CARE's work.

James is joined by members of the CARE team to look ahead as MPs return to work

Watch more.…

CARE Sessions is a new initiative which we launched over the summer. You can catch-up on the various Sessions and, to give you a taste of what we did, below you'll find the very first Session, where James, Nola and Lyndon discussed engaging as Christians, in politics.

In particular, you'll notice the emphasise both Lyndon and Nola place on both truth and grace. We want to stand up for what is right and we want to do so in a way that is compassionate and respectful towards others, following the example of Christ himself (John 1:16).

Watch the first ever Session on engaging in politics

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